Dogs ever hate their owner

Cats choose their humans: Find out why

Cats have wills of their own. And that is also evident in the relationship with the owner. It happens again and again that cats run away and choose other people as owners. The reason for this is not always the wrong attitude of the animals, the character of the cats also plays a role.

The character of the cats

People like to attribute certain characteristics to animals: the stubborn donkey, the dog as a loyal companion and the solitary cat. Unfortunately, it is not that easy to ascribe a character to an animal like the cat. Because, like humans, cats are highly individual. Not every purring contemporary has the same characteristics.

But sometimes there is something to certain stereotypes. Cats are z. B. very freedom-loving. This is not surprising, as they descend from the wildcat and were "only" approx. Domesticated 4,000 years ago. This love of freedom is shown, among other things, in the fact that cats are usually loners. While dogs are pack animals and this is also reflected in their instinctive behavior, cats hunt alone.

How important is the home and owner for your cat?

Cats are not as affectionate as e.g. B. Dogs. And that is also reflected in the importance of home and owner for the animals. Researchers around the world have already invested a lot of time and work on the differences in this point.

The main result was that cats do not trust humans as unconditionally as other domesticated animals do.

Dogs behave clingily in an unfamiliar situation. That means they seek to be close to the caregiver. On the one hand, this can be attributed to the Bring back the pack mentality, but also that they trust the supplier's protection. Cats, on the other hand, behave differently.

Instead of looking for the closeness of the caregiver, they look for a place of retreat in the room.

Cave-like locations are preferred, preferably a little higher up. Cats see in the owner, as well as the home not necessarily a place of refuge, but make themselves independent of it. This loose attachment to humans can even cause cats to turn away from their owners. In such cases, cats may move out temporarily or even permanently.

7 most common reasons for a cat to move out

There are many reasons for the cat to move out. These cannot always be remedied by you, or you are in debt, but often they can. You can find some options here:

  1. Neglect of the cat
  2. Disagreements with other animal roommates
  3. Wrong choice of food
  4. Small children who are too loud for the cat
  5. Not an ideal feeding place and litter box situation
  6. Feeding neighbors
  7. Bad treatment by owner

The cat has moved out temporarily: you can do that

The good news first: Depending on the reason for your cat's disappearance, it doesn't have to mean automatically that it has found a new family. Other reasons can prevent your kitty from avoiding her home as well. How long your cat will be away from home will depend on the situation that prompted it. If they are only a short trip away, you don't have to worry, by the way: Cats have a very strong sense of direction.

However, it is not uncommon for cats to no longer feel so comfortable in their original home. In such cases, free-roaming cats can reorient themselves and temporarily move away from home. An excerpt does not have to mean that the purring four-legged friend was doing badly.

But there will be some reasons, because cats do not arbitrarily decide such a thing. But what can you do when you notice that your cat is more and more often hanging around far from home and barely touching the food that you are putting in front of her?

You should find out what might displease your cat at home that will make it move to another home.

Cats and also tomcats have a very fine sense of where they are doing best and it happens again and again that you have little influence on it. For example, quarrels with the roommate cats can mean that the kitty no longer feels comfortable.

Or it bothers them that, as a working person, you are often not there. Cats have a mind of their own and even if you can't always do something about it, as a worried and caring owner you should think about where the cat is going and what its situation would be in the new environment.

If you want to better control your cat's clearances, you should get a cat tracker. So you always know where your darling is hanging around on their forays. Any favorite places or tendencies towards new families can be easily identified with the help of the heat map.

Try to empathize with your cat and understand the reason for staying away. So you can think about how you can design her home with you so that she feels comfortable again and likes to choose your four walls as her home.