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Too late to turn around

2020 was for province a "nonetheless" year. Torn from the carousel at full speed in the spring in the midst of the rising hype about their band by Corona, they nevertheless sensationally placed their debut album "Wir bauten Amerika" at number 4 in the German charts in the summer. Due to the contact restrictions on their two completely sold out tours of the year, they still kept in contact with their fans as much as possible through selected picnic concerts. And although they were supposedly brought to the year of their lives as a breakthrough band, they could Vincent, Robin, Moritz & Leon In the end, they are still happy about the award as “Best Newcomer Act” at the 1LIVE Krone.

So it is fitting that the imposed standstill, despite all the disappointment about the missed opportunities, nevertheless produced something good: a new EP from Provinz. "Too late to turn around" is the name of the 5-track collection, will be released on June 11th and will be led by the first single "Anthem against you". They'll come up with a tangible surprise: provinces are becoming political. Because even if 2020 was in one way a year of social standstill, in another it was the most politically restless year in a long time. Black Lives Matter, lateral thinker demos, plus the ongoing simmering discussion about an approaching climate catastrophe - as a reflective person and a young person you can't actually be apolitical in these times.

Front man Vincent (22) also sees it that way, who nevertheless observes that "Social criticism and political statements are still rather rare in songwriting" are. Even with himself: "I'm a fan of keeping it more general, that is, not pointing the index finger at a certain group ”. But then he got to a point where his collar simply burst: “I had heard a podcast about the lateral thinker movement. Part of the anger grabbed me and I thought: Now is the time to speak up. "

That is what province in "Anthem against you" in the usual rousing way. "What if I tell you you are not alone / you are angry and do not throw stones / you say the youth are depressed / they are not interested in politics", Vincent picks up a common prejudice about Gen Z.

Next "Anthem against you" Provincial shines on the EP with everything that has made them one of the best German newcomer bands in recent years: Big, unfiltered coming-of-age feelings meet rousing direct texts, lavish indie hymns on organically orchestrated productions, the Hunger to the big wide world to the fear of leaving the familiar family environment - the latter is manifested in "22 Years", the most beautiful mother ode since Kanye West's "Hey Mama". The EP producer is again Tim Tautorat (including AnnenMayKantereit, Faber), which on the one hand ensures the recognizable provincial sound. On the other hand, however, the productions sometimes sound much more progressive, thanks to Vincent's preliminary work with a friend, the well-known songwriter, music producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist Fayzen.

None of that would have happened if Province had been on tour in September as planned. The year 2020, however, also had its good moments.