Which compliment stayed with you? Why?

How to compliment a man

Has a man ever honestly told you that you are the coolest woman he has ever met when you least expected it? How did you feel about it? Did you smile Did it make you feel good?

If this has happened to you before, let me tell you that it can happen to men too! You don't ask for compliments - they are small gifts made of words that show sincere appreciation. This can give your man a boost in confidence and also help your relationship, which in turn is beneficial to you.

On the other hand, if you're new to a relationship but know a man you like, compliments can change his feelings and actions towards you in a positive way.

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When men receive an original, honest compliment, they usually don't forget about it. They also tend to think about the person who complimented them every now and then, which in turn brings a smile to their face.

In this article, we'll explain why you should compliment your male significant other or the man you like. But not only that! We'll also teach you how to give him the perfect compliment and make his heart melt.

Why women have to compliment men too

When you hear an honest compliment, it triggers feelings of happiness in your brain, which makes you feel good about yourself. That's how people are made. Compliments are very powerful affirmations that directly affect a person's joy of life and inspiration.

Here are some reasons men should get compliments too:

1. Men want to be admired

Every man likes to be praised, especially from the opposite sex. But what most women don't know is that men would much rather be admired for their character

want to be considered for their looks or their success. If a man is handsome, he is likely to get compliments for it over and over again, and if you just focus on how he looks, you are like everyone else.

Besides, he didn't choose his looks; He didn't deserve it, it was just given to him. Because of this, your compliments on his character have a much greater effect on him, after all, his past choices made him who he is today. And again, if he's handsome, he probably doesn't hear a lot of compliments about his character, which makes you memorable for him.

2. Men want to feel special

Every man wants to stand out from the rest. Especially if you've just got to know each other or you're just getting to know each other, he would want to know that the other men from your past are nothing compared to him. If you make him special, he makes you special too.

3. Men want reassurance

There are more insecure men than insecure women. Men have an ingrained fear of being inadequate or not enough. Complimenting him on his abilities validates what he is doing. Especially if these skills are commonly related to the male gender role, your compliment will give him an endorsement of his masculinity. This makes him more confident and spurs him on to become even better.

4. Men want to be valued

Compliments show your appreciation. When a man knows that you are paying attention to him and his efforts, he will remember these positive affirmations. This encouragement will motivate him to become an even better person.

This is most useful when you and your partner have been together for years. You tend to stop expressing your gratitude because what he does is expected anyway. But men still want to hear that they are valued - that you are grateful to have him as a partner.

5. Men want to feel safe

Security is also necessary for men, especially in a relationship. It will confirm that he is doing things right and that will give him the support he needs in the relationship. Thus, he will invest more in your relationship as he has been confirmed to be loved and valued.

How to compliment a man

Tip # 1: Be as specific as possible

"You look good" is a compliment, right. But it's a rather shallow compliment that you simply say to everyone and has lost its meaning and value. Compliments you hear every day no longer affect you, so you should try harder if you want you to be remembered.

Here are some categories that can give you compliment ideas:

Compliment him on his manhood.Every man wants to be confirmed in how manly he is. A great compliment that would draw him to you and surely melt his heart is: "I feel so safe when I'm with you"

A compliment showing him how manly he is will give him confidence and confidence in your relationship.

Compliment his character.Admiring his character will set him apart from the men you've previously dated. This confirms that you are only interested in him and are no longer looking for another partner. A good place to start is with compliments that begin with "I admire you for ...". As an an example: "I admire you for staying so calm even though this driver was so rude, "or"I admire you for how you dealt with this strange situation."

When a man gets a compliment about his character, he feels very special.

Compliment him on his leadership skills.Most men want to take the lead on a variety of things, whether it's which route to take when you go somewhere, or something that includes other people.

If he's a good leader, you can compliment him like "I love how you took the lead on this"or"I trust you". You could too"I am on your side"or"I would follow you everywhere"Try it out. Such compliments show him how much you trust him.

Compliment him on his hidden qualities. When you compliment a man for his talents, you are like everyone else. So instead, you should compliment him on the quality that enhances his talent! That will make your compliment a lot more meaningful. Here's an example: "I love how determined you are to perfect your music."

If he gets a compliment that he doesn't hear often, he will appreciate it more. It will remind him of you every time he pursues his talents and passions - whether it's music or another passion. It is sure to put a smile on his face.

Compliment him on the feelings he makes you feel. Knowing how he affects your feelings will spur him on to make you even happier and to feel even more loved. You can compliment like "I can't help but smile when you're around"or"You make me feel beautiful and valued"try it out, that will surely inspire him.

Giving him that kind of compliment will make him look even cuter without him noticing.Compliment him on his efforts and work done.If a man goes out of his way to do something, he will appreciate it if you

confirm him in his work. Compliments like "You did a great job"or"It's amazing how hard you work"are compliments that show him that he is doing everything right and that you appreciate it.

Valuing their work will motivate your partner to work even harder.

Compliment him on his behavior in the relationship. Every man wants reassurance, especially when he's a good partner. With compliments like "I love the way you listen to me and respect me"or"You always know exactly what to say"He will feel safe in your relationship - sure that he is enough for you and that you are not looking for other men.

This will tempt him to treat you even better.

Compliment him on how much you believe in him.Men like it when women believe in what they can do. A simple compliment like "I believe in you"will surely melt his heart.

Saying something like this will encourage them to get better results.

Compliment him on his style.A man's style isn't something he was born with - it's his choice of what to wear, what his hair should look like, and so on. He'd love it if you noticed. Compliments like "I love your outfit"or"(Color) looks good on you, you should wear it more often"are simple, but also meaningful.

Chances are, after receiving such a compliment, he'll put more effort into his looks when you meet and that he's more aware of how he's presenting himself.

Compliment him on how he looks.We know we told you to look behind the curtain, but sometimes men still like it when women appreciate their good looks. Especially when they've gone to great lengths to look their best to you.

"You look so good"or"Your smile is wonderful"or"The new haircut suits you!"are easy to say, and that's why you should be careful not to sound sarcastic.

If you really mean what you say, he'll definitely feel great if you compliment him on how he looks.

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Tip # 2: Learn to be sincere

The core of every compliment is sincerity. If you don't really mean what you're saying, it wouldn't sound right either. Believe us, he will notice the insincerity and falsehood in your made up compliment. And he may take it the wrong way - as if you were just trying to flatter him or if you wanted something in return.

If you care too much about the compliment, don't do it. It's still better to give him a superficial compliment rather than not paying him a compliment at all.

Tip # 3: Find the right moment to compliment him

In addition to honesty, timing is also very important when paying a compliment. Take the time to praise your husband when he can appreciate it too.

Don't give him a compliment when he's busy and needs to focus on something, when he's stressed out on a project, or in the middle of an argument. If you do, he won't see the value of your compliment.

So find the right opportunity for a compliment so he is ready to appreciate your compliment. If it's quiet at home, or maybe on a romantic date, it would be perfect.

Tip # 4: Maintain eye contact and smile

Making eye contact is a physical way of showing your sincerity. That also reinforces the moment you pay him your compliment.

End your compliment with a smile to make the moment even more beautiful and full of love. Your smile would surely make your man or the guy you like shine even more after hearing your compliment.

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Giving compliments is an art. If you want your compliment to make a good impression, you need to work on it.

For that, you have to dig deeper than what you might give a compliment for at first glance. Make your compliment original, and most importantly, be honest about it. Compliments are very expressive and can influence a man's feelings and actions. Mastering the art of compliments will surely make not only your husband happier, but yourself too.