How can I get research reports

Research reports, reports and working papers

  • Would you like to find out about the latest research results and view reports on completed projects?
  • Are you looking for work reports and accounts of research projects?

Research reports describe the status, progress or results of research projects. Here you will find the latest research findings. The final reports in particular sometimes contain detailed test descriptions, detailed experimental data, and detailed analyzes of measurement errors.

Are you interested in research results? Research data (data that arose during the research process) may also be relevant to you.

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Special features of research reports or reports

A research report can report on the results of a single project, but also on the results of a joint project in which several institutions are involved or even on the research activities of an entire university.

Research reports are created by research institutions inside or outside universities and companies. Clients / donors are government agencies, international organizations, research funding institutions and companies.

Directories with references or full texts of research reports

You can search for research reports in the following bibliographic databases. Some database operators offer the full texts free of charge, while others offer you the option to order the reports for a fee.

Tips for Finding Research Reports

You can search using the usual information on author (s), title keyword (s) and year of publication. Identifying and ordering a research report is much easier if you know the report number (Report No.), the order number (Order No.) and, if applicable, the funding code (Contract No.). Most databases allow a specific search for these identification numbers.

  • Report number / Report No.
    A typical report number (Report No.) can be broken down into several segments. The first part usually consists of the short form of the executing institution. It may be followed by an abbreviation for a specific series of reports. For example, NASA / TM stands for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration and the Technical Memorandum series. The volume information follows, separated by special characters (hyphen (e) or slash), which often begins with the year of publication and follows with the current volume count.
    NASA / TM-2019-219990
    If several institutions are involved in the creation of a report, each of the bodies involved can give it its own number.
  • Order number / Order No.
    Order numbers (Order No.) are assigned by the National Technical Information Service (NTIS) for research reports that are recorded in the NTIS database of the same name and can also be ordered there. Typical NTIS order numbers often begin with the letters “AD-”, “DE-”, “N”, “NUREG-” or “PB-”, followed by a year and a serial number.
    N 190026587
    PB 2019100501
  • Funding code / Contract No.
    Funding codes (Contract No.) are often given in research reports.
    AIF 10372
    BMBF 0326978B
    These numbers provide information about the sponsor and relate to an entire research project and should not be confused with the report numbers.