Hitler liked Beethoven

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Hitler was a

Hitler wanted

Pay 4 million marks out of pocket for the reconstruction - 6,000 have - in 1935 realize the long-planned Bergen-Belsen military training area - but fail to see that the war could no longer be won - distract - murder all Jews - - conquer all countries (including Luxembourg), and so it came to a huge war - banish all so-called non-Aryans from his new German state, and guarantee a pure race - unite all - carry out all expulsion and oppression measures in accordance with the law - nip all resistance against one another in the bud - rule alone - everything - equalize everything - kill everything unworthy of life - go down in history as the founder of the first millennial (German) empire - first the "democratic will formation" end within the party - go down in history as a general - so bring the film under his control - so its price - speak on July 16, 1932 on the Bieberer Berg hen - start the company "Kirschkern" at the beginning of June - then not the West as an opponent of war - also create the perfect people - also a large Europe - also create an 11th - that the Germans are fine - that Large parts of the stolen art objects were to be brought to the part of Germany that the Nazis had to know that he - that his youth should be nimble as greyhounds, tough as leather and hard as steel - that his soldiers are very strong and healthy - that she appeared as Paula Wolf - that German films became known and loved in the world - that I will become German - that none of the German officers and soldiers will stay alive - that van der Lubbe will be sentenced to death as soon as possible - give mobility to the German people - be received on September 2nd during their Italian state visit - win France as an ally in its war for supremacy in Europe at the meeting of Montoire - immerhi n world domination - building the Reichsautobahn in the 1930s - on the train to Berchtesgaden - not serving in the Austrian army - holding meetings in this building - going to an art college - first and foremost the Versailles Treaty again have away - build a kind of Jewish museum in Prague - not even have "other" Europeans in his GERMANIA

Hitler knew

Hitler did

He kept his promise to eliminate unemployment - always emphasized: you don't need to worry - not won and he would never have made it anyway - it's to blame - always emphasized his love of peace - believed in what he wanted lied - even the so-called "German" letters were banned in 1941 - set this country in motion to a degree that one cannot achieve today - allegedly only "shot back" - even a lot ... the autobahns built, for example, no, over it Don't you make jokes * backpfeifegeb * - as is known the gays brought to the concentration camp, as you can hear, they are homosexual themselves - repeatedly conjured up - the Jewish children not liked - also known to be the economy through armament and preparation for the 2. WK cranked up - finally also theses and justifications provided - Wagner also always found good - as is well known, before his death he announced: Germany did not deserve to win - later ter just as generously renounced South Tyrol - but also built the highways - told his armies moving eastwards that it was not about occupying a certain area - even concluded a non-aggression pact with stalin - had an armed force - also Olympic Games aligned - also gays persecuted - 1933, given to all work - as a substitute for Fraktur had this font called ›Grotesque High Boots« designed - the concentration camp was introduced not only during the war, but soon after he came to power - after all, tried to gay , Disabled etc.