What is the retirement age in Poland

Pension and health insurance in Poland

My husband is from Poland and will retire next year. But our pension is so short that the money will hardly be enough here in Germany. We are therefore considering moving to Poland, where we could certainly afford a better life. Would our pension also be paid to us in Poland? How do we have to take out health insurance?

If you move to Poland, you will not lose your pension rights. Since Poland joined the European Union, the provisions of European social policy apply to pensioners. Pensioners can take up residence in Poland and receive their German pension there. For people who moved to the other country before 1991, however, the old provisions of the German-Polish social agreement continue to apply.

Retirees who have worked in Germany for their entire working life and paid into the German pension fund will receive their full German pension even after moving to Poland. Non-contributory periods, such as school education, are fully taken into account. This regulation applies to both Germans and Poles who have worked in Germany and want to return to their homeland. Your pension will then be transferred to your Polish account. On the other hand, anyone who has only spent part of their working life in Germany and previously worked in Poland, for example, cannot count on a full German pension. Rather, the Polish pension insurance pays for the contribution periods completed in Poland - which of course bases the pension calculation on the lower pension level there. Pension entitlements that you have acquired in Germany are determined in accordance with German law.

In order to know what the financial consequences of moving to Poland will be for you, you should inquire about the details of the pension calculation with your pension insurance institution before moving. Here you can possibly also have a preliminary pension calculation carried out.