Is innovation a bubble

Topic previewCapital 03/21: The big bubble

Title subject: The great bubble

The prices of many assets such as stocks, bonds and real estate have decoupled from the real economy. But how risky are the bubbles for investors - and how can they best protect themselves against a crash? Capital has analyzed the most important markets and asset classes

Our topics

State aid: The travel industry is badly shaken. But while the large corporation Tui receives lavish aid from the state, many medium-sized companies are struggling to survive

Power struggle in China: China's star entrepreneur Jack Ma worries about his group. He has to rearrange it because the government wants it that way. The question is: How much power can the private sector have?

Innovative companies

  • Air conditioning: EBM-Papst used to build classic fans. Today the medium-sized company sells “Air as a Service”. And brings a breath of fresh air to the fan market
  • Creativity in a crisis: innovation researcher Marion Weissenberger-Eibl explains how German companies are changing in the pandemic

Dieselgate 2.0: The second engine with cheat potential is on the test bench. The processing of the first diesel scandal cases is still ongoing

Covid drugs: Everyone just talks about vaccination. The pharmaceutical industry is working flat out on therapies against the disease. But the developers have a hard time

Trump's Wall: Ex-President Trump started the construction of the border wall with Mexico. How far did he get and what happens to it now? A journey along the structure

Thyssenkrupp: Sanjeev Gupta always shows up when companies are down. And often there is trouble with it. What does he intend to do with the Thyssenkrupp steelworks?

Consumption and Values: In the future, brands will have to reflect on their values, says Hans-Christian Schwinger, ex-brand boss at Telekom

Capital History: Third episode in the series “Pioneers in Business”: Ruth Handler invented the Barbie doll and created one of the most famous brands in the world

Interview: Star investor Jeremy Grantham takes apart the hype on the US stock market and explains where he is now getting in

Fund Compass 2021: In the Corona crash a year ago, fund managers could lose a lot - or do everything right: Capital filtered the best providers out of the 100 largest fund companies. The reward was calm and courage

Magician of the Markets: Charles Munger is nowhere near as well known as Warren Buffett, but he is his most important advisor and longtime friend. They got rich together

Star cuisine: First honored, then closed: How German star chefs keep themselves happy in lockdown and with which recipes they want to surprise their guests after the forced break


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