How do I repair records

Repair of shellac records

The question of whether you can reactivate a shellac record is asked again and again.

On various pages in the net we read again and again that it is impossible.

The good news: it's not impossible.

The bad news: it's very difficult.

If a plate has burst into many pieces because it fell on the floor, then we also see black for the repair.

At least it can never be played back in the same quality as before.

But even such a plate can still be reconstructed as a decorative object. Such an effort would be worthwhile for the heirloom from your mother, which you no longer play, but still want to keep.

But if only a piece of the edge has broken away, then it looks better.

Please note the following:

It is best to use Duosan Rapid for repairs.

Not all stores have this glue, but it has the best properties. You can get it on the Internet for 2 to 3 EUR.

Duosan Rapid remains dimensionally stable after drying, it does not pull the parts together and no longer changes.

It remains slightly elastic so that the adhesive edges do not break.

And above all, the parts can still be corrected after hardening. Simply heat up the adhesive surface with the hair dryer and correct the parts.

I have already used it to reconstruct Germanic tableware in an archaeologically correct manner.

Below is a plate with a boogie that is really too good to throw away.

Unfortunately, it came to us broken in its shell.

After gluing it can even be played, you can hear the faint click when the needle moves over the crack in the glue and sometimes the tone doesn't fit because the grooves are slightly shifted, but behind the crack it runs absolutely wonderfully again.

Please understand that we cannot carry out any repairs.

Clean the plate first

try how the fragments fit best

Carefully coat the fragments with Duosan Rapid and press together

Don't be afraid of sticky excess, just let it flow out

you can carefully remove them with a sharp knife

the fragments only fit in the right way, you can seldom switch sides

Make sure that the groove transitions fit, if necessary warm up with the hair dryer after half an hour and readjust

If there is glue residue in a groove, then carefully remove it with a fine needle - always in the direction of the groove, groove by groove