What are the Forbidden Songs

German pop songs that had a hard time

Of course, songs that sparked scandals, were not played or even banned were not unique to France. There are songs like that in Germany again and again. We have compiled the biggest German scandal songs for you.

From the scandal in the restricted area to the scandal song

The most famous song of the Spider Murphy Gang caused great outrage at the time. The following line in particular was scandalous: "And outside the big city the hookers have their feet flat". A bad word for Bavarian radio stations in the early 1980s. They didn't play the song. Radios outside the Free State, on the other hand, were so free. And the song became a hit.

Falco's musical kidnapping

The text and the video for the song "Jeanny" by Falco are ambiguous, but can give the impression that the girl Jeanny was raped and killed. Falco contradicts and still triggers a wave of indignation - especially among the older audience. However, Jeanny has long been a number 1 hit. Many German radio stations, however, boycott the song - for ethical reasons.

The youth like it: a rapper who provokes

If you take any text from the repertoire of the rapper Bushido, the previous songs listed here seem more like harmless lullabies. However, these provocative texts are particularly popular with young people. And this is exactly where the Federal Testing Office for Media Harmful to Young People steps in and places such works on the index. That means: CDs and DVDs with content harmful to minors may no longer be freely sold.

Well-known streaming services also adhere to this ban. Problem: Many of the songs from the index can still be found on the Internet. And critics fear that if a song lands on the index, it becomes really interesting for young people.

The attraction of the forbidden

Some musicians aim to land on the index. The band "Die Ärzte", for example, put several songs that were already indexed together on a record entitled "Ab 18". The federal inspection agency promptly put this album on the index as well.

Vincent's coming out

"Vincent" is about the coming out of a teenage homosexual. Some family radio programs don't play the song because of the first line of text: "Vincent doesn't get up when he thinks of girls". The gay and lesbian association, on the other hand, welcomed the pop song on the subject.