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Academic psychology welcomes cabinet draft for psychotherapy training, but wants to offer polyvalent courses of study

With the draft law for the reform of the training of psychotherapists, the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) takes up the central regulations for the innovation required by the German Society for Psychology (DGPs). "We follow the assessment of the BMG that the psychological faculties located at universities and their equivalent universities will be able to offer courses in psychotherapy the fastest," says Birgit Spinath, President of the DGPs. "The psychological bachelor's and master's degree courses are ideally suited to imparting the scientific and clinical-practical skills required in the draft law," adds Winfried Rief, Chairman of the Psychology and Psychotherapy Training Commission of the DGPs. "In the future, psychotherapists will be even better prepared for postgraduate practical work."

The universities and equivalent higher education institutions already have essential structures that are required for the implementation of the training objective. The university outpatient departments located at the university psychological institutes can participate in the practical work with direct patient contact, so that practical phases are a direct part of the course. That is why the psychological university institutes are planning not to offer the newly proposed course for licensing in psychotherapy as a separate course of study, but to integrate it into psychology courses.

"We welcome the fact that the new regulations and the specified ECTS points provide sufficient leeway for a polyvalent bachelor's degree in psychology," explains Birgit Spinath. After completing their bachelor’s degree, students can opt for various master’s degree programs in psychology, such as those that cover the entire spectrum of psychology or those that focus on industrial, organizational and business psychology, for example. "But even with a profile in the course of studies in the direction of psychotherapy license, an academic degree in psychology can be obtained," says Markus Bühner, the chairman of the Psychology Faculty Day, explaining the advantages of such an implementation of the legal reform.

To the cabinet draft of the Federal Ministry of Health (PDF)

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