Which physics book is best for beginners

A good physics book for 'beginners'


Unfortunately, I cannot deduce how old you are from the 9th grade information (here the school system is divided up a little bit ...), or how much prior knowledge you have in terms of physics ...

In high school (around 17 years old) I read Kip Thorne's “Bent space and bent time” out of interest. It is written in popular science and I found it very interesting. There are also things like “black holes”, “wormholes” and so on. Depending on what you are interested in, there are more exciting and less exciting chapters, but you also learn a lot when who did what where - and even if that doesn't interest you and you skim through these chapters, you have heard many names ...

If you want to have books with real physics with formulas and everything - (beginner level from studies), then I can recommend the tome by Tipler or Gerthsen. Tipler is perhaps partly written in a simpler or more detailed manner, but Gerthsen, which I personally would prefer, has more information content. Aja, in a pinch you can defend yourself quite well with these books, because they are really difficult

Very personal tip: I would not order such books (whether popular science or the difficult tomes) by mail but definitely go to the library, sit down and leaf through them, because the author's writing style is often one of the deciding factors in whether you want the book appeals - regardless of the content - and the tastes of the readers can vary greatly.