What will the next space shuttle be?

LEGO 10283 Space Shuttle Discovery: Presentation will probably be early next week

(Update from March 18, 2021) As we have found out, the LEGO 10283 Space Shuttle will be officially presented by LEGO tomorrow. However, it will not be the same as initially assumed Columbia act, but probably about them Discovery. LEGO is thus avoiding a possible controversy surrounding the crash of the space transporter, but it also misses the 40th anniversary of the maiden flight of the Columbia.

In contrast to the last two LEGO Creator Expert Space Shuttles, the model will be built without a tank or missiles. But the set comes with a presentation stand to indicate the flight through space. As an additional gimmick, it will probably be possible to transport the Hubble space telescope in the hold of the Discovery and also to deploy it with the help of the remote manipulator system.

We expect the set to go on sale on April 1st, and from summer the set should also be sold at selected retailers.

Note d. Red .: In an earlier version of the article it was stated that the performance will most likely take place on Friday, 03/19/21. Apparently this has now been postponed until next week.

(Original article from January 22, 2021) It now seems very likely that the LEGO 10283 Space Shuttle will appear as a Creator Expert Set in summer 2021. The rumors about this have been on the Internet for several weeks. The entry LEGO 10283 Space Shuttle Columbia recently appeared on the Dutch LEGO comparison site Brickcatch.com. So does that mean it's going to be Columbia?

Even if LEGO Space Shuttles have appeared from time to time over the years as part of LEGO City or Creator, the last two interesting implementations for adults were a long time ago. The 10213 Shuttle Adventure set was also released in 2010 as part of the LEGO Creator Expert series, and was replaced by the 10231 Shuttle Expedition set in 2011.

LEGO 10283 Space Shuttle Columbia: Implementation questionable

The Columbia was the first space-capable space shuttle, whose maiden flight took place in April 1981. In keeping with the 40th anniversary of this event, implementation as a LEGO set would be quite conceivable. However, like the Titanic, which will probably be released at the end of the year, the Columbia is much more connected to a catastrophe. On February 1, 2003, the shuttle broke apart on landing. All seven crew members were killed.

We doubt LEGO will dare to tackle this difficult subject. So we're a bit skeptical about the rumor, even if we don't want to completely rule out the possibility of a space shuttle appearing in the summer. We will keep you up to date on all upcoming LEGO sets for the second half of 2021 in our large overview.

What do you think of this rumor? Do you think it will be the Columbia or do you bet on another space shuttle? Let us know in the comments!