Can you upload wedding videos to YouTube?

Background music for videos: where do I get it (legally)?

A video often only works through the use of suitable background music. In the first moment, of course, it makes sense to use MP3s of your own favorite music.

But when the video is published at the latest, there are problems with this approach. You can't just use any music in your videos without having the rights to use it. You notice this, for example, when you want to upload such a video on YouTube: It will be blocked relatively soon.

So what to do

For this purpose there are special websites that offer music for licensing. A few are free, but most are paid. I will present a few of them today (advertising):

Audio jungle

Very large selection with good quality,

Tip: Every month there is a different title for free download. Anyone who already has an Envato account because they buy WordPress themes from themeforest or design files from Graphicriver can use the same account for Audiojungle.

Premium beat

Professionally produced music sorted by genre and recommended use

What does Royalty Free / royalty free

Just a reminder: The somewhat misleading term “royalty free” does not mean that no license fee has to be paid. The meaning is that you only have to pay a license fee once and not every time you use it.

Basically, it is advisable to read the respective license conditions of the provider carefully.

Where do you get your music from for background music for videos or slideshows? Are there any recommended providers that I have forgotten?