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Pink Flamingo Floyd - trendy gin cocktail, not just for girls

From unicorn to flamingo

Of course, at omoxx we really follow every trend! And when Thomas asked me a few weeks ago whether I could create a cool gin cocktail that specifically appeals to the female readership of our blog and that has something to do with unicorns, of course I immediately got it REFUSED (!). Without question, “likes” are like the air we breathe for us, food, drink and bar bloggers, but isn't there also such a thing as “pride and honor”? In addition, I think that the unicorn hype has now passed its zenith. In addition: a cocktail especially for women, so where is the equality? Ok, let's leave the mystical and the ... other beings aside and come back to the original topic "Trendy gin drink" back. So after I let myself be pounded soft to create something “feminine” and “trendy” from the gin cocktail segment, the choice fell on a flamingo cocktail. Why Flamingo? Quite simply because it comes across as quite “chilled” and even leaves a good image standing on one leg. Ok, the connoisseurs among you will probably notice by now that there are plenty of recipes for flamingo and pink flamingo cocktails. That's right, but they all have one shortcoming, none is as cool as ours Pink Flamingo Floyd!

The pink flamingo - naming

I quickly found the ingredients for the Pink Flamingo Floyd, as the requirements for the cocktail were clearly defined.

  • The color pink is a must.
  • The cocktail should have a certain sweetness (“the ladies like that”) - but please not too extreme.
  • It would also be cool if the cocktail were tangy.
  • A light coconut flavor would definitely go well.

No sooner said than done and after experimenting back and forth, the recipe below was born.

Even if the cocktail, consumed in excess, can lead to wild singing attacks, the name has nothing to do with the similarly sounding band "Pink Floyd" - even if this suspicion is perhaps obvious. In the event that you plan to take part in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", here is a brief explanation of where the name of the English band originally came from. Singer and guitarist Syd Barrett, who joined the band in 1965, gave the band the name "The Pink Floyd Sound". This is derived from the first names of his two favorite blues musicians Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. This name was later shortened to "Pink Floyd".

PICTURE: Christian Mehlführer (wikipedia)

Rather, the namesake for this cocktail was ours Garden flamingowho really Floyd and is also pink. By the way, almost all flamingo species are really very similar. They have long, thin legs and a long neck and pink plumage - even their male counterparts.

Since the male conspecifics also have pink plumage, this cocktail may also be drunk by the "non-women" among you.

Strange combination - does that fit?

As I said, there are already some cocktails that have “Flamingo” in their names. However, I expressly did not want to follow them and went on my own path. Inspired by the requirements described above, I experimented a little. Even if the ingredients sound unusual at first glance, the result is a fun cocktail that is unusual but at the same time harmonious. This lives from its sweetness (Coconut syrup, creme de mure and Pink grapefruit lemonade), its liveliness (Prosecco, lime juice, pink grapefruit lemonade), its pink color (creme de mure) and its very subtle bitter aromas (pink grapefruit lemonade)

Pink Flamingo Floyd


  • 5cl gin
  • 2cl Creme de MureBlackberry liqueur
  • 2cl coconut syrup as homemade as possible
  • 1cl lime juice
  • 20ml Prosecco
  • 15ml pink grapefruit lemonade to fill up


  1. Pour approx. 4-5 ice cubes into a highball glass and add the gin, creme de mure, coconut syrup and lime juice one after the other and stir carefully with a bar spoon.

  2. Then fill up with prosecco and pink grapefruit lemonade and then stir carefully with the bar spoon.

Make coconut syrup yourself

Unfortunately, the commercial coconut syrups usually do not keep what they promise and consist of flavors that have little to do with the real coconut. For this reason, I recommend that you invest a little time and make your own coconut syrup. This investment definitely pays off.

Coconut syrup


  • 50g desiccated coconut
  • 500ml water
  • 400g sugar


  1. Put the desiccated coconut together with the water (use soft water if possible) in a small saucepan and let it boil briefly and then simmer for 10 minutes.

  2. Put the coconut mixture through a fine kitchen sieve into another small saucepan. (Note: You can continue to use the desiccated coconut for pastries or a trendy Asian dish, for example.) Add the sugar to the coconut liquid and let it boil until the sugar has completely dissolved.

  3. Let the coconut sugar liquid cool down and then put it in the refrigerator. This step is necessary because the liquid still contains coconut oil, which will settle on the surface when it cools. Carefully remove this coconut oil from the surface with a larger spoon and then heat the remaining liquid again and then fill it into heat-sterilized bottles.


The coconut syrup will keep for a few weeks in the refrigerator.

Pink, trendy and very tasty ...

Because of its color, the "Pink Flamingo Floyd" naturally appeals primarily to women, but does not claim to be exclusive. In terms of taste, the combination of gin, coconut, blackberry, pink grapefruit and prosecco is a lot of fun, as it is surprisingly harmonious, even if it is unusual. The cocktail is much more than just an entertaining party fun and can be enjoyed with friends. This cocktail is a classic aperitif and should therefore be enjoyed solo.

For the unteachable among you: if you still haven't had enough of unicorns, then take the Pink Flamingo Floyd Cocktail and just add a little Pearl / Shimmer Dust (you can order it from Amazon) and schwupsdiwups ... it's magic and you have one GIUnicorn

I'm out now and Thomas: please no more special orders ;-)))