What are informative articles What are some

What is an information text?

An information text or informative text is a Factual textthat provides information on a specific topic, issue or event.

In the information text, the key information from various sources (Newspaper articles, brochures, websites ...) summarized and clearly presented to the reader.


Why do you need information texts?

Information texts can, for example, be in a newspaper published or on a Blog, on Internet sites or especially for one brochure be written about an event or topic.

In the school area, too, you have to keep collecting information on a topic and then putting it in writing, for example for one Preparation of a presentation or Project work.

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Collect, sift through and evaluate materials

First you need texts and reports on your topic search (on the Internet, in newspapers and brochures or in the library) and the material read carefully. This also includes graphics and tables that are of interest to the topic.

Mark important text passagesthat you want to use in your informational text.

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Write the information text: the introduction

After you have noted and marked which information you want to reproduce in your text, you can start writing.

Pay attention to who the text is addressed to and try to address precisely this group of addressees (other students, adults, newspaper or blog readers).

This is how you structure the informative text:


  • In the introduction this is Subject presented and a overview given to it.
  • Try asking an exciting question or statement that Reader interest to wake up.

Main part and conclusion


  • Describe your topic, issue or event and compile the information from the sources.
  • Establish the facts clear and clear represent.
  • Tries, vivid and lively to write to alert readers to the topic.
  • Go to particularities and the extraordinary.
  • Explain the critical issues and issues Connections.
  • Try to match each section and information with Reconciliations to combine to form a coherent text.


  • In the final part you briefly summarize the most important things and explain your thoughts and yours own opinion on the subject.
  • At events z. B. you can do the event recommend and write why you like it.

Revise the information text

When your informational text is written down, you should double-check that everything fits together.

Orientate yourself on this Checklist:

  • Does the headline wake that up interest the reader?
  • Does the introduction give one overview and introduces the topic?
  • Are all important information from the sources mentioned in the text? Is there nothing superfluous or uninteresting in the text?
  • Do you have everything factual accurate shown?
  • Is the text informative, clear and lively?
  • Do you have the Addressee reference considered?
  • Are the individual parts of the text and information through Reconciliations connected sensibly?
  • The ending contains a Conclusion (short summary) and yours reasoned opinion?

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  • interactive exercises
    and tests
  • individual classwork trainer
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