What is preliminary calculation

"Thinking about content before calculating" according to Susanne Prediger (2009): Presentation and reflection. Tasks for a picture by Richard Paul Lohse

Student thesis from 2010 in the Department of Didactics - Mathematics, grade: 2.0, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (Institute for Didactics of Mathematics), event: weaknesses in math in secondary level I, language: German, abstract: enormous difficulties in Dealing with word problems on the part of the student body is, according to Preacher, on the one hand in grasping the situation, and on the other in the choice of the operation associated with the task. According to the author, problems of understanding the content are mainly located in the linguistic area: Pupils do not know the meaning of various words, in particular, insufficient knowledge of words relating to the situation (below, above, on, behind ...) is critical. Prior knowledge of the factual context of the situation depicted in the text problem cannot always be assumed from all pupils, so that problems with the elementary understanding of the initial situation continue to arise. According to Preacher, these are unfavorable conditions for understanding the mathematical content of word problems. Preacher sees the so-called "basic ideas" of mathematical terms and operations as an indispensable prerequisite for being able to adequately mathematize factual situations. These are "substantive interpretations of mathematical objects and enable to use mathematical terms or operations to mathematize situations "(Prediger 2009, p. 218). Thus, they perform a bilateral translation process between mathematical language and symbolism as well as the associated factual situation in reality.

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