What is hemp protein

If they are consumed in large quantities for the purpose of muscle growth, they can lead to a kind of intestinal poisoning, as they are generally free of fiber and other accompanying substances that would contribute to a smooth protein digestion.

The protein then remains in the digestive system for too long, which can promote putrefaction, over-acidification and deposits in the intestine. The result can then be muscle breakdown, as the body is no longer able to maintain its anabolic muscle metabolism status in this unfavorable condition of the intestine.

So it makes much more sense to consume a protein that not only provides protein, but also fiber, essential fatty acids as well as minerals and vitamins. All of these accompanying substances in their totality stimulate the protein metabolism and optimize the digestion of the protein. The acid-base balance can keep its healthy balance and the body can stay in anabolic muscle status.

Hemp protein with an optimal fatty acid pattern

Hemp protein does not provide these accompanying substances in random, but again in perfect form. Hemp protein still provides around 11 grams of hemp oil per 100 grams of hemp protein. Hemp oil, however, is known to contain the essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the optimal ratio of 1: 3 for humans.

In contrast, today's common diet has a ratio of up to 1:50 or higher, which represents a significant omega-6 excess. Since such an unfavorable fatty acid ratio can promote chronic inflammatory processes in particular, everything should be done to get this ratio back on track. Hemp protein with its unique fatty acid pattern is an extremely valuable and anti-inflammatory helper here too.

Hemp protein protects your brain

It is precisely the outstanding fatty acid pattern of hemp protein that is associated with both the cholesterol-lowering effects of hemp and brain-protecting effects. According to a study, hemp meals are supposed to inhibit the cell-toxic effects of deposits in the brain typical of Alzheimer's, from which the scientists concluded that meals made from hemp are ideal for the treatment of Alzheimer's and cardiovascular diseases.

The minerals and vitamins in hemp protein

Since the hemp seeds also contain considerable amounts of zinc, iron and magnesium, all of these minerals and trace elements, which are often inadequately represented today, are of course also found in the hemp protein. These three minerals are known to be very important for many physical processes, and since many people lack precisely these minerals - which can manifest themselves in hair loss, anemia, inflammatory problems, etc. - any healthy food that provides the desired micronutrients is welcome.

And last but not least, hemp protein is also a useful source of fiber, as it consists of around 18 percent fiber and in this way cares for the intestines and supports digestion.

So if you are looking for a purely plant-based, protein-rich food, if you want to provide your body with really high-quality and, above all, easily digestible and easily digestible protein in a healthy way, without losing sight of your fatty acid situation and If you also want to stock up on minerals and trace elements as well as vital substances, then hemp protein would be the right solution for you.

Maskelmän's hemp protein contains, for example, the following minerals and vitamins per 100 g (only those vital substances are listed that are also contained in relevant quantities):

Minerals and vitaminsMinerals and vitamins per 100 g of hemp protein
magnesium750 mg
iron23 mg
zinc12 mg
Vitamin B61.5 mg
Vitamin B11.3 mg
Folic acid220 µg

The macronutrients in hemp protein

The nutrient profile for 100 g of hemp protein is as follows:

MacronutrientMacronutrients per 100 g of hemp proteinMacronutrients per 30 g of hemp protein
Protein47.7 g14.31 g
Fiber23.7 g7.11 g
fat13.9 g4.17 g
carbohydrates5.4 g1.62 g

The calories in hemp protein

The calorie content of the hemp protein per 100 g is 385 kcal. With a daily portion of 30 g, the calorie content is 115.5 kcal.

How can hemp protein be used?

The hemp protein can be used in a variety of formulations, e.g. B. like this:

  • Mix the hemp protein in almond milk or juices.
  • Mix the hemp protein into recipes that use flour. There the hemp protein can replace up to a quarter of the amount of flour. These can be hearty bread recipes, roll recipes, pizza bases, quiche bases or pancakes. Hemp protein is not very suitable as an ingredient in cakes and pastries, as its robust taste does not go well with them.
  • Bake nutritious, hearty energy bars from nuts, dried fruits and hemp protein.

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