It's really that hard to go on

Do not give up! You have the strength to move on

Last update: 07 March, 2018

Where can I find the will to keep fighting when it feels like I'm on the ground? Where can I find the strength to carry on when it feels like I can no longer face what lies ahead? Am I stronger than I think I am These are just a few of the questions you might ask yourself when you are going through a difficult period. And yes, humans have developed incredible strength and amazing survival skills. We are able to endure more pain than we think. Somewhere we find the motivation to keep going when our strength wears off and everything around us goes dark.

Sometimes we realize how we paved our own path, brick by brick, without realizing how we got this far, despite the pain. Our resilience knows no bounds. But where do we get the strength to get up when everything hurts? It actually lives within us, but sometimes it is hidden and difficult to find, giving us only faint signs of its existence. Nonetheless, the power is always there in one way or another. Sometimes we just need help to know how to use it.

Our survival instinct is responsible for activating the power within us, along with all the other resources we have and from which we draw energy. But to make this happen we need to listen to our emotions to find out what we need and then act accordingly.

Find your inner strength

If you become overwhelmed by the pain and think there is nothing more you can do, keep fighting. Keep looking for answers to all of your questions. And if you can't find it, find a reason to keep looking. Because this is life - stand up, move forward, fight, learn from mistakes, listen to your emotions and feel them.

Maybe you can't find the will today, but who knows what will happen tomorrow? Every day is a story that is yet to be written. Even if you sometimes can't make up your mind how to end it, you can still decide how to begin.

Go on! Inhale, fill your lungs, jump and fly. When you have to go back a little, recharge your batteries, improve your wings, and gather strength from everything you've learned. And when you're done, take the plunge. Don't stop fighting because you have all the strength and resources you need to tread the path ahead of you. You just have to find it in you.

But don't forget Allowing yourself a few days of solitude. Make way for sadness and fear. You have to experience these negative emotions in order to get up again and reach your full potential.

You're not alone

Do not lose hope. Keep working until you find the resources within you. Trust in your potential.

If you still feel weak after the pain subsides, don't worry. You're not alone. Find someone to relax with, someone who can be a refuge for you. He will help you get back on your feet and find the strength to move on. It takes courage to ask for help and then to accept it.

If you need it, get help, forget your fears and lean on the shoulders of your loved ones. Take her hand and let go of the burden that is holding you down. Because you can do it. If you dream about it, believe in it and act accordingly, you will get closer and closer to your goal.

Do not forget that there is no end without a new beginning, no light without darkness. You can't get up if you haven't fallen. You cannot find strength or will unless you look for it. Contrasts can make you grow when you can find the center point that balances them.

So go ahead - find the strength, fight and get the best out of yourself. Get up, dust off the dust and move on because it's worth it. Don't forget that life goes on, time goes on and you are writing your own story. You have the power in you, so don't give up.

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