How old are twelve-graders

We mourn our twelfth grader Samuel Kolbe

Samuel was killed in a serious traffic accident in Zeitz on Saturday night. Samuel started the 5th grade of our high school in August 2010. He was now 18 years old; next May he - like his two older brothers - would have passed his Abitur with us. Now his chair in the exam room will be empty.

Everyone we knew him, classmates, classmates, teachers and employees in administration and the house were deeply and painfully affected.

Many of his classmates and teachers see Samuel as a creative designer and saxophone player at the autumn concert of the future high school graduates as a lively young person who was completely filled with music. His cheerful and happy disposition was good for everyone around him; a positive calm emanated from him. His loving humor, which was never at the expense of others, his unique situation comedy and his great sensitivity and care made him a particularly lovable person. At the same time, he was a very deep and thoughtful classmate. In the meditation room he sowed radish seeds so that it should become more alive there.

With Samuel, Emma and Giang, two eleventh graders from the Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium Zeitz and friends of our students, were victims of this traffic accident. We also look at her death in disbelief and sadness.

May God our Father receive all three into his heavenly peace and give their families and all of us comfort and forgiveness in this immeasurable pain.

We want to keep Samuel in his joyful and life-affirming nature as a mission for our life in our memory.

On behalf of the entire school community of the CJD Christophorusschule Droy says it was written by Johanna Butting and Burkhard Schmitt from the impulses of the students and teachers