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Quiet pistol for training in apartment

  • Hello,

    I am looking for an airsoft or Co2 pistol for training in my apartment (apartment building) at a distance of <= 7m.
    In terms of design and weight, it should come close to the HK USP or Sig 226, but original markings are irrelevant, as is GBB.

    The main thing is that it is quiet enough so that my neighbors do not complain and the precision should be sufficient to stay within a range of ~ 10cm, manual tensioning is not desired. I mainly want to train movement sequences for which the Sagittarius grandpas in my club would probably look at me stupidly

    possibly even a "from 14" softair would be enough if the precision is sufficient.

    Can you recommend a pistol that meets the requirements?
    I've already considered the Umarex HPP or USP NBB, but I don't know how loud they are.

    Many many thanks
  • I can recommend the Umarex Beretta 92F to you. I have the PPC 1500 Steel Finish with Schalli. It shoots very precisely, the rear sight is adjustable and the Schalli makes the thing very quiet.

    I cannot recommend my CP99. It's loud. But look for a Daisy 717. I once had it. Is a pre-compressor, very accurate and really quiet.
  • Hi,

    if it should be really quiet, then only an NBB Airsoft can be used.
    My recommendation is always the STTI M92F - Style. You can get them at K&Z (if they are just available again) for 50, - €.
    The pistol is really very quiet, shoots very well and is indestructible.
    Of my 20 airsoft pistols, this is my favorite NBB.

    The quietest GBB pistol I own is the Maruzen PPK / s GBB.
    Hardly louder than an NBB and of course of top quality.

    But since I read something from SIG 226, take a look at this:
    There are for example: at Schneider for approx. € 90
    It is an all-plastic GBB, but it is not bad and thanks to the plastic design it is not very loud either.

    Of course, metal versions are always more stable, but also louder.

    And everybody can easily hold a scattering circle of 10 cm at a distance of 7 meters, at least that's my experience.

    I would keep my hands off these "14 years and over" toys, because these things are really no fun.

    In August 2009 (by the way) I sold ten of this children's stuff for € 25 just to get rid of this clutter.

  • cesca wrote:

    if it should be really quiet, then only NBB Airsoft can be used.

    I want to underline that. My G19 from KSC clicks very loudly when repeating.
  • gunslinger0002 wrote:

    Otherwise: the STI Lawman NBB is available for around 40 € and is quite good, available from many online retailers.

    Complete agreement.
    I had this pistol and put thousands of rounds down the barrel without the slightest disturbance.
    I only handed in the pistol because it was the version with a silver slide. (I don't particularly like the two-tone one).
    Back then, Sniper Airguns accidentally gave me the wrong type and I was too lazy to exchange them.
    I now have the black version and am completely satisfied.
  • Hi,

    Thank you very much for the answers. Unfortunately, the M92F NBB does not seem to be available anywhere.
    The Lawman / 1911-er is out of the question, as it should be ergonomically as close as possible to my planned live pistol.

    Can someone tell me what the volume level of AEPs is like - both shot and electronics?
    The GSG Mod. 8 or HK USP Tactical don't look bad and 60-70m / s should be enough indoors, right?

    Kind regards
  • Hi Andy,

    Write to Kotte & Zeller when you will get the M92F NBB back in.
    I did that too, got an answer immediately and a few days later the pistol was already available and unfortunately sold out again very quickly.
    The pistol is (and if I say it a hundred times) just great for the price.
    Like the sharp Beretta, it can be dismantled and you can even put a BB in the barrel thanks to the movable slide.
    So you have the advantage of shooting with less trigger resistance in SA mode.

    As far as AEP is concerned, I can only say: I once had one and it wasn't exactly quiet.
    In addition, the thing sounded like a remote-controlled toy car when it was being reloaded.
    And you can forget about the energy compared to a gas weapon.

  • About the AEP: it's like a medium-loud sewing machine - nobody should hear that. I have a TM Glock 18c replica from Cyma and it has about 0.4 joules with 0.2g BBs. It also depends on what you define as "quiet" - if you close the door in your room, you cannot really hear the AEP from outside - unless your house is very clairaudient. You don't hear anything when shooting, except when the bullet hits somewhere - I have a mobile target with a safety net, it doesn't make as much noise as a metal bullet trap, it costs around 10 €. So if you don't need a full auto, then you can get the H&K, otherwise there is the Glock 18c or the C75 AEP, e.g. at softairsektor.de or softairwelt.de, or stop at K&Z, Sniper-AS.