Is there a free alternative to BeMyEye

How does “BeMyEye” work?

BeMyEye is an app that lets you make money by doing small jobs near you on your smartphone.


The app is completely free and there are no internal follow-up purchases.


This is how it works: Select an order by simply clicking on it on the map or in the order list. Read all of the instructions on the assignment, and if you wish, accept the instructions and accept the assignment. This is then reserved for you until the maximum time has expired.


The orders are short questionnaires. For some orders, you will be asked to go to a store and look for a specific product or act as a mystery shopper. You will be asked to take photos of products and answer questions about the presentation of the products or promotions in that particular store. Other quests are a treasure hunt and you have to find advertisements or promotional materials. There are also jobs where you can work on questionnaires or surveys regardless of location, wherever you are - whether at home, at work or on the tram.

So there are different types of assignments, and you can choose the ones that are near you and that you like the most. Check the app regularly: New activities are available almost every day and you will receive a notification on your smartphone.


After your orders have been accepted, you can withdraw money from your virtual wallet and deposit it into your bank or PayPal account.


You can advance in rank by collecting experience points (XP) for your missions. These give you advantages, for example that you can accept several jobs at the same time or that you have more time available for jobs.


Are you ready?