When will Overwatch die

Is Overwatch slowly dying? Yes No? Discuss objectively

As long as the micro-transactions apply to things in the game that can also be earned, everything is right.

But as soon as you are forced to spend money, for example to get hold of the new skin for your favorite hero because you can't get it the conventional way, that's questionable in my eyes.

The whole thing then increases via buyonly emotes (see Lucio) to real in-game advantages (fortunately we haven't got that far yet). Whether a Smurf, which you can get for money, brings in-game advantages over single accounts is probably a matter of definition.

In all transactions that a publisher installs for his game, it depends on whether they are “compulsive / appear” or whether they honestly give the consumer the choice.

Another factor is whether sales strategies in and around the game are implemented in a sufficiently discreet way or whether they are rubbed penetratingly under the nose of every player. Proverb: Valuable advertising that honestly wants to inform about a product vs. cheap, intrusive advertising.

And especially when it comes to the latter, Activision Blizzard hasn't exactly covered itself with fame lately (imho), if I may put it diplomatically.

When I open the launcher, I don't want to be informed flashing, bold and underlined whether there are special offers in the shop. This is intrusive advertising! And that is (imho) definitely below Blizzard's level. Whereby it is apparently still within limits with OW - in relation to other stocks in the portfolio.

As Marjin clearly demonstrates, satisfied customers will automatically invest. What happens when customers are not satisfied can currently be seen on the stock exchange. I think that is quickly underestimated.

Clearly, a company always strives to maximize profits. But especially in the gaming sector, the trick is to find a balance between quality and monetization, because otherwise a negative aftertaste arises in the subjective perception of the consumer.

Here in the forum people often talk about how naturally large companies collect their money - because that's how companies do it. This acceptance of the monetization offensive of the global market economy in the gaming sector and the immanent joining in an “uncontrollable fate of decreasing consumer friendliness and quality” is harmful and dangerous.

The power still rests with the consumer and that should never change.
If Overwatch is “slowly dying”, it's not because the game's natural life has expired, or because the fickle mob continues on their sacred mission for entertainment. Overwatch (imho) is too genre-defining for that.

No friends ... if the game dies, it is because too much is thought of money and too little of the fan base - the base that ensures a good livelihood and an existence for a game for many, many years.

What should the die-hard Overwatch fans think when other titles in the portfolio (hots) are simply completely deleted or completely removed from the PC segment (Diablo) due to a lack of profitability. Will that also happen to Overwatch if it doesn't make enough money?

That's how you lose your fans.
And if you lose your fans, then you really are in the anus.