Does an aspirin mask really work

Everyone has their little beauty secrets. Whereby it remains to be seen how secret they really are. Someone knows or has probably already tried it. Nevertheless, I don't want to withhold my little tips and tricks from you that make my life easier.



Aspirin consists of acetylsalicylic acid (ASA for short) and contains vitamin C. It is also known as beta hydroxide acid. Never heard? Translate it into English and you will get Beta Hydroxy Acid, or BHA for short. Yes exactly, the substance in all of these expensive anti-aging creams! It has "peeling" and anti-inflammatory properties, contracts pores, removes dead skin cells and makes skin appear more even, radiant and plumped. In addition, BHA has been proven to help against wrinkles, overpigmentation of the skin, light-induced skin aging and acne.

Enough adulation.

You can read how it works under the cut.

For this mask you need:

- 3-4 uncoated Aspirin tablets (I always take the 500s)

- a few drops honey

- a Facial toner

- Cotton pads

I put the tablets on a small plate and drip the honey over them. Sometimes I add a drop or two of water and mix everything with my finger. Here it becomes clear why you absolutely have to use uncoated tablets - the coated ones simply do not dissolve. You should also not stir the mixture with a metal spoon, as this reacts with the ASA. The tablets dissolve within a few seconds and form a paste together with the honey. I apply this to the face and leave out the skin around the eyes. Then I leave the mask Work in for 10-15 minutes. If you have very sensitive skin, I advise you to start with a shorter exposure time. In the course of time this mask dries up and at the latest now you will thank the honey - it keeps the crumbs in your face. Talking and laughing is strictly forbidden without honey, otherwise the white splendor will gently crumble from your face and onto your clothes ;-)

After the exposure time, I splash cold water on my face and use the crumbly consistency of the mask for a little mechanical peeling before I rinse everything off thoroughly. Then I use a cotton pad to apply a toner to the face in circular movements to get the last remains of ASA out of the pores.

Et voilá - you will notice how velvety, soothed and even your skin will be immediately after the application. I advise the mask to do this every two weeks, at most once a week otherwise the effect can be reversed and the skin becomes "immune" to the treatment. Under certain circumstances, it can even become horny and thus promote a rough feeling on the skin. But if you don't overdo it with the applications, you will have a wonderful complexion.

Important: BHA / ASS may make the skin more sensitive to light. Therefore, I advise using the mask in the evening and providing sufficient SPF during the day. But you should either way, because the sun is the worst enemy ;-)

Have fun trying,

your Kathrin