Can you rap an Eminem song

These are Eminem's five greatest hits

Eminem is one of the most popular rappers of all time, having proven over the course of his long career that he is capable of tackling a wide variety of subjects with wit and personality.

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Few rappers of our time have managed to make such a big name for themselves and maintain this reputation for several decades as Eminem. Here you can get an overview of Slim Shady's influence on the Billboard Hot 100 charts and recall his greatest hits.

# 5 - "Crack A Bottle"
Sometimes Eminem's lyrics come from very dark places in his soul. Whether he's rapping about obsessed fans or his broken relationship with his mother ... he's never hid from the tough issues in life. However, “Crack A Bottle” is a prime example that Eminem can also have fun and be a funny guy. Together with Dr. Dre und 50 Cent, the song is a lively party jam that should not be missing at any party.

# 4 - "Lose Yourself"
“Lose Yourself” is often rated Eminem's best song. Not only the iconic instrumental intro and the unique hard rock beat, every rapped line is flawless. The song was first featured in his film “8 Mile”. But it is also justified outside of the blockbuster and shows what a strong storyteller the self-proclaimed Rap God is.

# 3 - "Not Afraid"
This track marks an important milestone in Marshall Mather's career. “Not Afraid” was the first track on which Eminem tried to transform his demons into something positive, which showed up in front of anxiety attacks and drug addiction. Using a vocal choir in the chorus was uncharted territory for the rapper and helped the song stand out from the various club hits that dominated commercial radio in 2010. Within the first few months of its release, numerous stars such as Lady Gaga, Pink, Katy Perry and many more began releasing their own self-love hymns. That was the ultimate proof that Em's influence went well beyond his own genre.

# 2 - "The Monster"
Singer Rihanna has worked with numerous other artists, such as Nicki Minaj, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar. Nevertheless, her collaboration with the American stands out from all others. “The Monster” is about the downsides that a life as a celebrity brings with it, as you attract attention everywhere and have little time for yourself.

# 1 - "Love The Way You Lie"
In good times and bad you can rely on one constant with Eminem songs: the rapper is always honest. Probably he was never more honest, almost brutally direct, than with “Love the Way You Lie”. In the song, the now 46-year-old describes how terrible he has behaved in his previous relationships. The chorus is once again supported by Rihanna, whose voice has probably never sounded so cool as on this track.