How does the non-contact water level sensor work

The future is contactless
For health, hygiene and safety

The topics of hygiene and interaction have never been as important as they are today. In a world in which we are aware that germs can be transmitted by a single touch, people are looking for contactless solutions for both private and public areas. GROHE's large selection of non-contact infrared products for washbasins, toilets and urinals offers ideal protection against germs and cross-contamination wherever we depend on running water.

Recent events have made us all aware of the importance of hand hygiene - but the advantages of touchless faucets have been at the core of the GROHE product line for many years. Our non-contact fittings combine our technical expertise with infrared technology and thus offer precise, reliable and simple operation that is accessible to everyone. The value of our products far exceeds the normal level. The water, energy and maintenance costs are permanently low and our Powerbox fittings even have a self-generating power supply. This makes them ideal for environments with no or only unreliable power supply. Be it a touchless tap for your family bathroom or a complete installation package for a large public building - the touchless product line from GROHE offers the perfect solution.