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12 Proof that German is a strange language

Status: 08/10/2020 2:14 p.m.

We like to believe that it is difficult to learn our language: These 12 examples show how unpredictable the German language is.

German language, beautiful language: We can construct endlessly long words, we have words that do not even exist in many languages ​​- and a small thing in terms of punctuation or lower and upper case can make an immense difference.

However, we also have to admit that the saying "German language, difficult language" is justified - because, to be honest: There are many examples that our language is simply strange and sometimes quite contradictory.

1. We have most of the words for a single meaning

The makers of Sesame Street already knew that!

2. ... And then suddenly it's the other way around!

And all like this: Whaaat ?!

3. Punctuation marks are of central importance

A compliment can quickly become a reason for separation. You can find even more examples here that show that the little things make the difference.

4. Even a small line can make all the difference

Evil tongues call it the "idiot apostrophe".

5. And upper and lower case first!

VERY important!

6. Whoever does get together linguistically may come together

Um ... yes.

7. Sometimes it can get really dangerous in German

Open your eyes in traffic!

8. Tea kettle!

We just read volume, volume, volume. The ladder, the ladder - and in the plural: the ladder, the ladder. Who should climb through there ?!

9. We clearly have the longest words

No joke - these words are in the Duden.

10. And we have words that don't even exist in other languages

... at least not as a single word. At the end of the day, when we translate our evening into English, words such as "after-work hours" or "knocking-off time" emerge. We are also ashamed of ourselves when translating "external shame" and "second-hand embarassment". The instinct is just "tact", "instinct" or "intuition".

11. The German language can even contradict each other in a single word

Indeed, that was new to us ... Mindblown!

12. In addition, our cities are called like verbs!

Pro tip: Enter "Siegen dining out" on Google - you need 23 hours and 56 minutes to walk the 113.8 kilometers.



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