How do people travel in Texas

5 reasons why Texas is worth visiting

Let's go to New York! Hollywood, we are coming! Off to ... Texas?

The second largest state in the USA is not always the first place you absolutely want to go. Texas is hot and humid and public transport is still a foreign word. But Texas has amazing good food, lots of culture, and maybe the nicest people in the country. Here are 5 reasons why Texas is worth a trip.

1. The food

Summer is only a few months away, and that is - barbecue season. Although the grilled is also good in Germany, it is absolutely not to be compared with a Texas BBQ. Pulled pork sandwiches, BBQ pork ribs, beef brisket ... I'm getting hungry just because of this item! BBQ in all its variations is the most popular food in Texas, but there's a lot more to it than just these types of dishes. Tex-Mex, a delicious mix of Mexican food and traditional Texan flavors, can be found in every city, whether big or small.

Pork Ribs with BBQ Sose, © fotocat10 /

2. The people

You are currently in the queue in the supermarket ... After a while you finally reach the cash register and then you look at the cashier. With a big smile, the cashier says “Hellloooooooo !!! How are you doing today? Beautiful weather, isn't it? Did you find everything okay? What are your plans for the rest of the day? ". The friendliness of Texans ranks number one in all of the United States. Many think that this kindness is only superficial and that can definitely be true - but it is still nice to see a smile and hear a nice voice.

Texan cowgirl, © kosoff /

3. Texas is significantly cheaper than other states

No question about it, New York is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But a week in this world metropolis can easily cost over € 1000. Los Angeles, Miami, and Chicago can also cost as much as New York. Texas, don't. There are usually good accommodations for less than € 50 in most Texas cities. The food is pretty cheap too. In a normal Tex-Mex restaurant, two people can get along for less than 10-15 €. But always be careful - the tip is almost never included in the bill and at least 15% should be given! In Texas the employees in the restaurant are often paid only 2-3 € per hour and earn the majority from the "tips"!

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4. There is an American feel to it

Texan people love their state and they love their country. Whether that's a good thing - who knows. But because of that love, you get a real American feeling when you're in Texas. The American and Texas flags are on every house and if you ask anyone which country or state is best, the answers are always the same. Perhaps in the long run this attitude can be rather annoying, but it is extremely interesting during a visit.

Texan and American flags, © BrandonSeidel /

5. Austin

While the Texas capital isn't that big (just under 885,000 residents), it's definitely the coolest city in the state of Texas. Austin offers you culture and a feeling that is comparable to Californian cities - but much cheaper here :) There are food trucks on every corner that cook and serve - everything you can imagine. There are numerous parks where you can go jogging or walking and also numerous lakes that are perfect for bathing and swimming. Austin is definitely the live music stronghold of Texas and there are at least 50 bars that play live music every night. Austin alone makes Texas worth a trip!

Austin downtown, © f11photo,