What drives you to experience adventure

Travel - what drives me?

Some prefer to stay at home, others like to go to the same hotel, to the same place, to the same country over and over again. Then there are globetrotters like me. I like to travel the big wide world as much as my job and the kids' school holidays allow. I can't get enough of that. But why actually?

Travel - that's what drives me

Shared experiences with the children

Get away from everyday life together, leave school behind, forget your job and share unique experiences. For example, we will never forget our exciting safaris in the national parks of South Africa, or climbing the red dunes in the Namib Naukluft Park in Namibia. But also less exotic travel destinations such as dreamy Tuscany or the beautiful beaches of the Algarve have inspired us and welded us together as a family. I am sure that the kids will also like to think back to these trips together when they grow up themselves. Our ReiseSpoodle has even written its own blog post: Sri Lanka with children's eyes.

Recharge your batteries when traveling for two

Everyone in the family knows that, sometimes you just miss out as a couple. That's why we treat ourselves to a trip for two from time to time. We really enjoyed exploring the rough nature of Iceland, the fortresses of Oman or the lovely Cornish landscape. We are also happy to roam the metropolises of Europe together, such as London, Rome or Prague. What better way could there be to spend time together as a couple?

Get to know people, cultures and foreign landscapes

My wanderlust for the big big world cannot be described well in words. It is more of a feeling, a longing to get to know this wonderful world even further. I love to immerse myself in other cultures and broaden my horizons. As Augustus Aurelius said so aptly: “The world is a book. Those who never travel only see one side of it. "

Somewhere in Cornwall

Nobody can take these travel experiences away from me and I draw on them when things don't go quite so smoothly in everyday life.

Incidentally, I have put all the countries and adventures that I would still like to experience in a bucket list. The list is getting longer and longer ... ;-) Maybe that would be something for you too?

By the way, Ellen von Patotra inspired me to think about these ideas with her blog parade. Thanks a lot for this!

What drives you on your travels? Tell me in a comment!