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The 10 most expensive airline tickets in the world

From TRAVELBOOK | June 04, 2015, 9:21 am

Most of them are happy if they can save a few hundred euros on their plane ticket. For the richest in the world, however, these are peanuts - for them it is a matter of course to fly in first class. And here the prices go so high that you could easily afford a new car. A flight comparison portal has created a top 10 of the currently most expensive flight tickets in the world.

Round-the-clock service, five-course star menu, champagne in the XXL bed and the latest movies "on demand", of course on the flat screen: what the rich and famous of this world should enjoy on land, they should do not miss in heaven. In the First Class of some airlines, passengers can truly feel like they are in seventh heaven.

The whole thing has its price, of course, which, in addition to the equipment, also depends on the route, booking time and date of the booked flight. The US online newspaper "Huffington Post" has now listed the ten most expensive flight tickets in the world, citing a study by the flight comparison portal hopper.com.

However, the most expensive flight in the world mentioned there for allegedly almost 40,000 euros - the route from New York to Hong Kong and back in Lufthansa First Class - is actually available for less than half.

A ticket is also available from Etihad on the San Francisco - Abu Dhabi route, which is far less listed in the hopper.com ranking. A return trip on this route in First Class costs $ 35,500.

10th place: From New York to Singapore for $ 14,000
The return ticket from New York to Singapore with Singapore Airlines in the new first-class suites, which are exclusively available in the Airbus A380, is expected to cost the equivalent of around 13,000 euros. Each suite can be locked with a sliding door. "With a seat width of 90 centimeters and a bed length of 2.08 meters, passengers can enjoy one of the most spacious first-class seats in its class above the clouds," the airline writes on its website. In addition, the First Class has the “most progressive in-flight entertainment program of its time, consisting of a 61-centimeter LCD screen with full HD image resolution”. The exquisite menus, which can be ordered at any time and are served on Givenchy crockery, are accompanied by a wine list with a “selection of the finest wines”, “carefully selected by our sommeliers”. It almost goes without saying that the bathrooms are particularly stylish and that every guest is offered luxurious skin care products.

9th place: From Los Angeles to Melbourne for $ 15,000
A plane ticket from L.A. to the Australian metropolis of Melbourne and back is available in Qantas First Class for $ 15,000, writes the "Huffington Post". Staying in the new Qantas lounge at Los Angeles Airport is an experience on this flight. It's even more luxurious in the air: the armchairs can be converted from the seat into a two-meter-long bed at the push of a button, on the 26-centimeter-wide touch screen, with noise-reducing headphones, you can watch movies, listen to the radio or play video games. According to the airline, every guest receives an overnight kit “with luxurious skin care products and other travel accessories from world-leading brands”.

8th place: From Los Angeles to Tokyo for $ 16,000
The return flight from L.A. to the Japanese capital Tokyo costs, according to the study by hopper.com, a mere 16,000 dollars (14,230 euros) - provided you fly the route in one of the brand new Sky Suites from Japan Airlines. The cabins are equipped with leather seats that can be converted into beds, lots of wood and a flat screen.

7th place: From New York to Hong Kong for $ 17,500
In the study by hopper.com, cited by "Huffington Post", the route - First Class from New York to Hong Kong and back with Lufthansa - is listed at 43,500 dollars (the equivalent of 39,800 euros), which is the most expensive flight ticket in the world would. However: it cannot be understood. Even with multiple searches, even in the high season, the flight is "already" available for the equivalent of 15,500 euros, which would be enough for 7th place. However, a Lufthansa spokesman did not want to rule out the possibility that the ticket could also cost 39,800 euros when asked by TRAVELBOOK. That depends on many factors, although he did not want to confirm the price listed by hopper.com.

In any case, the passengers get a lot on offer - it is not for nothing that Lufthansa’s first class received the best possible rating for comfort and service on board as well as for the convenience of the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt on the renowned airline rating website Skytrax.

Among other things, the ergonomically shaped seats on board can be converted into a two-meter-long bed with completely flat beds. The noble menu creations, served on high-quality dishes, are all prepared by top chefs who have been awarded stars or toques. The German sommelier world champion Markus Del Monego selected the matching wines.

6th place: From New York to Singapore for $ 21,000
Virgin Atlantic offers the route from New York to Singapore and back from $ 21,000 in their so-called Upper Class. What does the passenger get in return? A stylish ambience made of wood tones, leather and subtle violet lighting not only in the Upper Class Suite, but also in the lounge of the same name at the airport. The wide seats on the plane are designed in such a way that there is a partition to the left and right to the neighbor.

5th place: From New York to Singapore for 22,000 euros
Swiss Air offers the same route, only 1000 dollars more expensive than Virgin. The long-haul flight from the east coast of the USA to Singapore and back in the Swiss airline's first class costs just under $ 22,000, the equivalent of around 19,600 euros. According to the “Huffington Post”, the ticket will be available at this price at the end of July, with a stopover in Zurich. If they continue from there, according to the airline's website, first-class passengers will be served “culinary highlights from Switzerland”, “accompanied by fine wines”.

4th place: From Hong Kong to New York for $ 26,500
The 14 hours that the flight from Hong Kong to New York takes can of course be spent much more comfortably in luxurious First Class than in Economy Class. With Cathay Pacific, well-heeled passengers can book a round-trip ticket for $ 26,500. In return, you can expect leather-covered seats and belts, an entertainment program with a multi-port connector and all sorts of other amenities. Gourmet menus and fine wines are of course also included in the price.

3rd place: From New York to Beijing for $ 27,000

The Asian airline Korean Air describes its First Class with the so-called Kosmo Suites as a “5-star hotel at an altitude of 12,000 meters”. The cabin-like seats are comfortable 67 centimeters wide and have a 23-inch HD LCD monitor. "You will feel as if you are dining in a world-class dining establishment - and that is exactly what you are doing," the airline promises on its website. After all, Korean Air has already received the prestigious Mercury Award twice for its special menu creations. The fun on the route New York - Beijing and back costs 27,000 dollars, the equivalent of 24,000 euros.

2nd place: From Los Angeles to Dubai for $ 30,000
With Emirates, the ticket on the route from L.A. to Dubai costs $ 30,000 (the equivalent of around 26,500 euros). There wealthy (and willing to pay) passengers travel in their own, lockable first-class private suite. You can also choose to relax in the on-board lounge with other first- and business-class passengers over snacks and champagne or under the spa shower. The "Huffington Post" speculates that the first-class connection between LA and Dubai is so expensive because it is used by many Hollywood stars who commute back and forth between the two jet set cities.

1st place: From San Francisco to Abu Dhabi for $ 41,000
The most expensive first-class flight ticket in the world costs around $ 35,500 - a return flight on the San Francisco - Abu Dhabi route with the Arab airline Etihad Airways. Among other things, you get chic leather seats, a private mini-bar, a not exactly small flat screen TV and an à la carte menu inspired by the cuisine of the Middle East. According to the airline, the lockable suites have "a personal cloakroom, chilled drinks and enough space to welcome another guest."

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