Draws waste of time

Wasting time is just as important as using it

Sometimes wasted time comes to life because time beyond what we previously believed in is not of the essence. So it is a synonym for well-being and happiness to let us do nothing and to limit ourselves to just being, feeling and enjoying.

Last update: 22nd November, 2019

Wasting time is a relative concept that we should look at from a different perspective. For example, as a valuable key to our wellbeing. Let's think about it.

We live in a society in which we believe that time is money and that we have to make the most of every second of our lives.

This undoubtedly leads us to the already familiar and recurring maze of stress and anxiety disorders that result from self-neglect. So time is not money, gold or silver.Time is much more valuable because time is life.

Correct timing

Knowing how to deal with it and allowing ourselves from time to time to do absolutely nothing leads to peace of mind. However, it is often difficult for us because we have spent many hours of our lives in “Productivity” mode. Our minds learned to interpret lying on the couch and resting as a complete waste of time.

In contrast, in time management there are “experts” like Dr. Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, who is known for his work as a consultant in Silicon Valley. He explains in his book "Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less " (in German about: rest: why you do more when you work less ”, that it is time to change our lifestyle. We need to understand that sometimes wasting time is actually a win as it allows us to recharge our batteries and find peace.

Waste of time brings profit for life

Max Weber, a well-known 20th century philosopher, economist and sociologist, believed that with the start of the industrial revolution, people had an almost religious relationship with their work. No longer was working just a way to make money to survive. Instead, it was and is a way of life.

For many people, the meaning of life is in their work. For them, activity is productivity. While this may be partially true, most of the time we tend to go to extremes so that some people are unable to just relax.

Believing that inactivity is a waste of time leads to mental exhaustion. An interesting study by Dr. Leonard Reinecke at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, for example, shows that many people think less of themselves when they watch TV because they feel guilty about their inactivity and see this as a waste of time.

Don't be like the white rabbit

"Oh man! Oh man! I will be late!“This is what the white rabbit said in Alice in Wonderland. This lovable character symbolizes the overcrowded life that many people lead. Admit it, we always think there is something to be done and we are always busy looking at the clock.

We constantly feed on such behaviors that lead to the abyss of anxiety and stressful mental states.

The culture of productivity and perfection makes us feel guilty, even if we have only devoted part of our time to doing nothing. Sometimes our minds torment us with thoughts about all the things we are supposed to be doing.

Give yourself time, give yourself a waste of time

Wasting time doesn't really take anything away from you sometimes. The opposite is often the case. Think about it, the time has come to stop believing that you have to be productive every minute of your life. This is the ideal time to be a child again. Get bored to finally feel free, relaxed and even playful.

You shouldn't do anything for several hours a day as this encourages creativity and reflection. Indeed, we need to understand that doing better doesn't necessarily mean more. In fact, working fewer hours is much more productive and our quality of life will improve.

Finally, you should learn to give yourself this extraordinary gift. Give yourself the necessary time and opportunity to simply limit yourself to being with your five senses, to exist and to enjoy life to the fullest.

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