How are the teachers in DPS Newtown

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The School was founded in the year 2006 by the renowned Sadhu Vaswani Mission (has presence in several countries) that runs number of acclaimed schools and colleges. The School is affiliated to The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE). It is located in Sanpada, Navi Mumbai, which is a well-planned, modern and satellite city of Mumbai. The school offers congenial atmosphere to the young pupils to realize their dreams. The school has nursery (pre-school), primary section (classes 1-5), secondary section (classes 6-10) and senior secondary section (classes 11-12). The medium of instruction is English. The subjects taught in the school include: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science, History, Arts, Social Studies, Environmental Studies and so on. The ... More information
We are a school of about 500 pupils. The students of our class are all following modern languages. Our school has already experience with a lot of exchange programs. Gent, Bruges and Ypres are in the vicinity of our school. More information
We are a cooperative comprehensive school with around 2000 students aged 11 to 19. Our focus is on the natural sciences and linguistic (bilingual area). More information
The school is a school association consisting of a grammar school and a community school in Tübingen, a medieval "Bildderbuchstadt" with half-timbered houses in Baden-Württemberg in southern Germany with 86,500 inhabitants and around 28,000 students. The grammar school of the Geschwister Scholl Schule (grades 5 to 12) is an open all-day school with differentiated talent promotion. From grade 5 the two special profiles sport and art as well as bilingual (English) are available, from grade 8 the linguistic profile (Spanish as 3rd FS) and the scientific profile (NWT) are also available. In the course level there are many options for all profiles. The school is a UNESCO school and part of the "School without Racism" network. There are exchanges with 2 schools in France, 3 schools in ... More information
We are a high school, which consists of a secondary, a main and a high school branch. About 800 students are currently being taught by 70 teachers. In addition to numerous extra-curricular activities such as football, musicals, reptile groups or school newspapers, our school regularly takes part successfully in competitions such as "Jugend forscht" and is the partner school of the Bundesliga soccer club Hannover 96. A visit to the stadium is part of the program. Harsum is right at the gates of the World Heritage City of Hildesheim and is surrounded by forests and meadows. The cities of Hanover, Braunschweig and Berlin are easily accessible and well worth a visit. Another highlight is the Harz Mountains. The low mountain range is ideal for sporting activities and can be ... More information
The school is an independent vocational school in the Kassel district of Kirchditmold, 3 km from Kassel's city center and 4 km from the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hercules and Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe. 80 teachers teach 1000 students. The school was founded in 1949 and consists of an integrated vocational high school, a two-year vocational school for foreign languages ​​or IT / business or business / administration and a vocational school. We don't have another partner school yet. More information
My school is very large with 3000 students. We have three foreign languages: French, German and Japanese. There are about 250 students learning the German language. You are very interested in this language. More information
Country: IndiaCity: KolkataDelhi Public School Newtown is a school in the eastern part of India. We currently have 3500 students and 250 employees. Our school was founded in April 2005. Our infrastructure includes bright classrooms, laboratories, children's playground, tennis court, pool, squash court, etc. There are many attractions in our city, for example… Victoria Memorial, Eden Gardens, etc. School type: Higher Secondary (from kindergarten to grade 12) Age of the Students from: to: 3 + to 17+ years Suggestions for projects: Sports, history, social science, science, music, art, foreign language Languages ​​taught: English, Hindi, Bengali. German and French. Search status: We are looking for a partner school in Germany More information
Spaichingen is a town in Baden-Wuerttemberg with around 12,000 inhabitants, beautifully situated. It is an ideal starting point for activities in the region - the Swabian Alb, Lake Constance, the Danube Valley, the Black Forest, medieval cities such as Villingen, Rottweil and Freiburg or the state capital Stuttgart. Our grammar school has almost 700 students in grades 5-12. English is taught from Grade 5, from Grade 6 French or Latin, from Grade 8 Spanish or science and technology. 60% of the students attend bilingual classes in geography, history or biology. Our school offers extra-curricular activities, among other things. various sports, theater, choir, big band, robotics, research and invention, ... More information
Our school, the Maria von Linden Gymnasium, is situated in the north of the Black Forest, about 50 km from the cities of Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Tübingen. It has about 1000 pupils and 80 teachers. Our school is renowned for its high standards, not only in intellectual but also in personal education. As already mentioned, the surrounding cities are Stuttgart - capital of Baden Württemberg and former seat of the kings of Württemberg, Karlsruhe - a city that was founded only about 250 years ago and has a very interesting layout, and, of course Tübingen, which is world famous not only for its medieval old city, but even more so for its university. The most important employer of the region is the car industry with Mercedes Benz and Porsche nearby. Thus science and technology play an important ... More information
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