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Space flights and horror trips

Space flights and horror trips

Five different artists have reinterpreted four songs by the St. Gallen duo A Crashed Blackbird Called Rosehip. The remix album from “Heroes Won't Work” is more accessible than the original, but it takes some getting used to.

First of all, you think you are in the “Space Night”, the night program of the Bavarian Broadcasting Corporation. You can see the earth from above, a control center, a moon landing and finally two fencers who duel between the craters. But this is not “Space Night”, but the new video clip by the St. Gallen duo A Crashed Blackbird Called Rosehip (ACBCR). The music for the pictures comes from Christian Löffler. The German producer incorporated the song "Fight Again" from ACBCR and turned it into a wonderfully melancholic-melodic minimal house track. This has already been clicked on over 33,000 times on Löffler's Soundcloud profile. “Now we've made a nice clip about it,” says Dominik Kesseli, who forms the ACBCR duo with Marie Malou. The two shot the clip in a St. Gallen studio and in a quarry, with retro equipment as props and two members of the St. Gallen fencing club as actors. The clip was produced by the St. Gallen advertising agency O&G.

Minimal and bassy

At the same time as the new video clip, ACBCR have also released a remix album. Four of her songs can be heard in five versions, interpreted in completely different ways by five artists, "whom we all think are great," as Dominik Kesseli says. In addition to Christian Löffler (who also appeared at the ACBCR CD christening last November in St. Gallen), Marcel Gschwend, alias Bit-Tuner, is also on board, a “long-time friend and fellow musician” of Kesselis. The two play together in Manuel Stahlberger's band, and according to Kesseli it quickly became clear that Bit-Tuner should contribute a remix. He squeezed the guitar motif of the song "Pony" through his filters, put one of his characteristic dubstep beats on top, a deep bass underneath and enriched the mix with playful Chinese harmonies. Minimal melancholy by Christian Löffler and Schlurfend-Bassiges by Bit-Tuner - a strong start to the ACBCR remix album.

It continues with «Maybe» in the remix by Eva Gallo. The Hamburg house producer and the ACBCR singer Marie Malou met in Zurich and have already recorded a few tracks together - “very nice material”, as Dominik Kesseli says. Eva Gallo has turned the melodious song “Maybe” into an uncompromising house track: the bass pumps monotonously, a spherical motif repeats itself, fragments of voice buzz through the soundscape.

Horror ride with squeaks

The contribution by Fa Ventilato alias Fuckintosh, the sound artist commuting between St. Gallen and New York, takes some getting used to. His version of “Ghost Story” turns into a horror ride. He lets the original song play in the background and overlays it with howling engine noises and tire screeches. It's the bulkiest song on the album and is in contrast to the rest of the posts, all of which are more accessible than the originals. So also «Maybe» in the version of the solo loop artist Denis Jones from Manchester. He leaves the original almost untouched, only decorates it with stuttering effects and analogue chirping.

Anyone who feels like the original again after these five remixes can soon hear ACBCR live again, including at the Bad Bonn Kilbi in Düdingen, the OpenAir St. Gallen and the For Noise Festival in Lausanne.

Video clip of “Fight Again” and “Heroes Won't Work” remix EP at www.acbcr.com