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REAL * EASY: The way to your Dexcom G6. Experience report from a new user

Conclusion on the ordering process: fast, smooth and very personable!

A few weeks ago it finally started! "In the new practice, I not only received a prescription for the G6, I was also explained the ordering process, since the system is not available in the pharmacy, but directly from the manufacturer." The prescription is submitted together with a contact form, which entitles Dexcom to contact the sender. Dexcom will then take care of everything else and, once the documents have been received, first apply to the patient's health insurance company to cover the costs. You can find out here which requirements must be met for reimbursement. “I was really surprised at how quickly and smoothly it all went. After I had sent the documents, it took less than two weeks for the news from Dexcom that my health insurance company had approved the reimbursement. At the same time, I was invited to take part in a technical briefing, which is a prerequisite for being able to use the system. ”Melanie Kersing liked the fact that she was offered the opportunity to do the briefing online as live training. “This is of course great, especially in Corona times! But also because of the flexibility. There were a lot of different appointments available and I was able to simply book in via the Dexcom homepage. ”As part of the 90-minute briefing, future G6 users will learn everything from using the sensor to using the accompanying apps to individual Functionalities explains everything you need to know to use the system. “That was totally informative and personable. It was also great that we could ask questions via chat at any time, which were answered immediately. Each participant was able to benefit from the questions of others. ”After the training, Melanie Kersing only had to send a form to Dexcom to confirm participation in the training. “I could simply download the entry form from the Dexcom website. And then everything went very quickly again. A few days ago I received the information that my G6 is on its way to me by post! I'm so excited to see what to expect! I really liked how things went with Dexcom so far. I feel very well looked after and very well informed. "


Editor's note: We are very happy about this positive experience report and that we can accompany Melanie in her next steps with the Dexcom G6. Thanks a lot for this!


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