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John Constantine

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Cynical, bad-mouthed, and wearing his signature cloak, John Constantine seems out of place compared to all the cloak-wearing heroes from DC Universe. This detective specializes in deception because this normal-looking Englishman is a powerful wizard who can do everything from necromancy to time travel.

Constantine is descended from a number of magic users and is known as "the constant". Already as a little boy he was fascinated by the occult machinations and he threw himself into everything to dominate the magic and to escape his unhappy family life. His studies drove him through Europe to America, where he met the magician Zatanna. The two had a tumultuous romantic relationship but have remained friends to this day. At the moment he works as an occult detective as a member of the Justice League Dark, a group responsible for everything demonic, paranormal and magical.

Constantine is paradoxical; although he is a skilled magician, he rarely uses his occult skills. Instead, he prefers to stay away from confrontations through manipulation and to get his way through his words. The exception to this is that he uses his magical abilities to manipulate his luck to make sure he is always in the right place at the right time. In addition to this, Constantine's natural charisma means that he has a large circle of friends who are ready to help should he need their help.

As a morally vague character who believes that the ends justify the means, it wouldn't be surprising if Constatine took on a villainous role. He has lost so many friends and innocent people over time that it can only be endured with gallows humor. Some of these losses haunt him in the truest sense of the word. He does everything that is necessary to rid the world of corrupt magic and that makes Constatine the perfect anti-hero and he makes an interesting contrast to the traditional heroes.