Which shampoo do you use and why

The best 6 men's shampoos

Not all shampoos are created equal. There are products for every hair type that actually differ in content and not just in color. Here we reveal which properties you should look for when buying shampoo. And in the gallery you will find the best men's shampoos for every hair problem.

These are the best hair styling products

Caffeine shampoos help prevent hair loss in men

"Shampoos containing caffeine stimulate blood circulation and ensure that the hair roots are better supplied with nutrients," says hair surgeon Dr. Frank Neidel from Düsseldorf. "The roots become more resilient and stronger." But: be patient! "For visible effects you have to use a shampoo or hair lotion for thicker hair for 6 months," says the expert. Hair grows around 1 centimeter per month. Only work in regrowth hair some fabrics.

You can also apply medical foam with the active ingredient Minoxidil in the evening (from the pharmacy). "Even that only brings results after 6 months." Also effective: regular head massages.

The best tips against hair loss

Volume shampoos give flat hair fullness

Volume shampoos promote fullness with the help of polymers that lie on the hair and cause the hairs to repel each other. Because this increases the distance between the hairs, they appear fuller overall - without growing more or thicker hair. However, you should keep calm when using it. The expert: "Even the best product is of no use if you hectically rinse everything after 3 seconds." Therefore it is essential to follow the information on the package.

Anti-fat shampoos regulate sebum production

A high level of testosterone can stimulate the function of the sebum. Too much sebum on the scalp makes hair greasy. Then you just have to wash more often? Better not! Using shampoo too often is counterproductive with an oily mane. "If you remove fat from the skin and hair by washing, then the body gets the signal to start producing something again," explains Neidel. It is better to find an effective anti-fat shampoo. It is enough to wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week with a hazelnut-sized amount.

Care tips for oily and blemished skin

Conditioners ensure smooth men's hair

Is your hair wiry and bristly? Then you should use a conditioner, also known as a conditioner, after every wash. The oils contained make the hair softer, so it falls better and is easier to style. Important: Always wash the conditioner well and do not massage directly into the scalp - this would make the hair more oilier.

Dandruff shampoos put an end to white flakes

Usually the scalp renews itself about every 28 days. If the skin renews itself too quickly (and this happens in almost 40 percent of all men), cornification occurs. The skin cells clump together into small platelets. The result: white flakes on the sweater. Anti-dandruff shampoos regulate this process. If one shampoo doesn't work, try the next. The active ingredients work differently for everyone. "As long as there is no itchiness or scab involved, home remedies for dandruff also help: For example, rub cold-pressed olive oil into the scalp once a month. Open the shower cap, wash off after 1 hour. Vitamins and nutrients in the oil are good for the hair and scalp", said Envy.

The best tips against dandruff

We have tested ourselves across the range of men's shampoo for you. These products have convinced us:

Tuning caffeine shampoo and conditioner brown from ALPECIN

200 ml Tuning Caffeine Shampoo Brown and 150 ml Conditioner each cost around 7 euros

76.9% of men think that hair coloring looks unnatural and is more suitable for women, according to a recent study by Alpecin. Therefore, after the popular black tuning shampoo, a product has now also been developed for brown men's hair. How does it work? There is a charge difference between the hair and the color pigments from the shampoo and conditioner, as with magnets. So they attract each other. We have tried it out and can confirm: With each application, the hair becomes a little darker, but it never looks completely colored. The effect diminishes as soon as you stop using the shampoo. The accompanying conditioner enhances the color. Like all Alpecin products, the Braun Tuning Shampoo and the associated conditioner also contain the caffeine complex against hair loss.

"Deep Revitalizing Care Shampoo" from NIVEA MEN

250 ml "Deep Revitalizing Care Shampoo" from NIVEA MEN cost around 6 euros

Perfect for hair that greases quickly and for all men who use a lot of styling products: The "Deep Revitalizing Care Shampoo" from NIVEA MEN contains activated carbon that absorbs and binds dirt particles - for a deep cleansing effect. After washing, the hair is nice to the touch and easy to style. Also great: even with daily use, the scalp does not dry out.

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"MEN + CARE Shampoo Energy Boost" from DOVE

"MEN + CARE Shampoo Energy Boost" by DOVE, around 15 euros

Do you have limp chive hair? Then the "MEN + CARE Shampoo Energy Boost Shampoo" is just right for you. The formula with caffeine and calcium strengthens the forelock with regular use and ensures that it feels powerful. Bad Hair Days? Not available any more.

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"Classic Clean Effective & Gentle" from HEAD & SHOULDERS

Head & Shoulders / PR
260ml "Classic Clean Effective & Gentle" from Head & Shoulders cost around 4 euros

This shampoo does exactly what it says on the tin: it combats and prevents dandruff. It is best to use it when you are stressed with the first invisible signs of dandruff. Because itching, dryness, too much sebum and sweat can irritate the scalp and create optimal conditions for the development of dandruff or worsen existing scalp problems. The shampoo lathers well and does not dry out the hair compared to many other dandruff shampoos. The result: a deeply clean feeling and, with regular use, up to 100% dandruff-free hair.

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"Stimulate-Me Wash" by KEVIN.MURPHY

250 ml "Stimulate-Me Wash" from KEVIN.MURPHY cost around 37 euros

The shampoo smells intensely of mint and tingles the scalp slightly. The scalp is stimulated and hair growth is stimulated. At the same time, the shampoo has an antiseptic effect and is therefore also ideal for dandruff.

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"Triple Shampoo" from SYSTEM MAN

300 ml "Cleanser Shampoo" from Nioxin cost around 20 euros

One for all: the multifunctional shampoo gently cleanses body, hair and beard. The contained "EnergyCode Complex ™ plus creatine" makes the hair look fuller. At the same time, the shampoo supports the resilience of the hair so that it does not break easily.

Conclusion: There is a shampoo solution for every hair problem

It doesn't matter whether your hair is oily, flaky or rather dry - if you choose the right shampoo for your hair needs, improvement is in sight. You now know which shampoos are really good for whom.

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