Who prepares purchase requisitions

ordering process

Legal / organizational process flow for the procurement of materials and services on the basis of information from the needs assessment, procurement market research and purchasing policy. The ordering process is made up of several sub-processes. The internal demand is communicated to the buyer through the purchase requisition or purchase requisition. After clarifying possible specific requirements, various offers are obtained through traditional inquiries or via electronic markets or electronic tenders. As part of the offer processing, the offers are checked for compliance with internal requirement criteria (e.g. quality, quantity, delivery time and purchasing conditions), examined for the price-performance ratio and compared with one another. Award negotiations serve to eliminate weaknesses in the individual offers and prepare the order decision. The written execution of the order enables an unequivocal, secure and legally verifiable order transmission and can at the same time be used for internal documentation of the order (e.g. for other departments affected by the order or for inquiries). If the supplier sends an order confirmation, the content of this confirmation must finally be compared with the order in order to check that the order has been accepted correctly in terms of content. The ordering process has changed significantly due to the use of internet-based technologies.

See also e-procurement.