What is a VB exclamation

German dictionary by Jacob Grimm and Wilhelm Grimm, revision (²DWB)

Reference: Volume 3, column 1304, line 27 [Schmitt]

AUSRUFm.nomen actionis u. (Mostly) noun acti to the different. Uses of exclamations.1 public announcement announcement, proclamation. to exclaim 1, especially to 1 a, often in the phrase sell something in the exclamation: 15th century the urtail ich ausrufes schreifastnachtsp. 2,712 LV.1524 for that reason we poor people of our world, according to our parents' call, undertenlichen aries begern farmer war, aktenbd. 135 F.⟨v1537⟩da one crossed out the kürsner, his name was Paulus Westermair, and his Ausruef (public announcement of guilt) he het got gelestert (Augsb.) Chr. German cities 29.32.1644 that kissing of the indebted roman knight who Augustus bought in the outcry Weidnerapophthegmata 3,318.1661 there a council of the city granted with a public proclamation of the Jungfrawen that they would like to deny you what they wanted for men the acerra philologica 502 daughter) through an exclamation to the highest bidder wolletollapatrida 227 WND.⟨1761⟩before it can come to the real exclamation, the customer always has the freedom to use this deadline arbitrarily Danzig (1783) 95.1791what this exclamation (Charlemagne for Kaiser) for the whole of Europe will be shown by Herder, 14,358 p. 1845, by informing your (the assembly) members by public announcement and notice, but shortly before the meeting, your president by a billet from the chief ceremonies Dahlmannfrz. rev. 207.1847 in the case of a book increase, a gentleman asked for a book to be proclaimed outside of his series. wb. 5,284.2ruf, (loud, spontaneous) utterance as an expression of an emotional movement, also as a figure of speech (exclamatio); (typical) call of an animal; also i. s. v. ‘Interjection’, to exclaim 2: 1740, interweave and interrupt the speech with exclamation, with addressing .. and other affecting, wonderful and graceful figuresBreitinger poetry 1,371.⟨v1754⟩ the peep. .. you always say your name; / Your exclamation is only about youHagedornpoet. w. (1757) 3,148.1781 if the question covers a surprise or an exclamation, then the subject is also behind the verboAdelungsprachlehre 527.1800 from the troop of some officiers .. one of them pushed his way towards me, repeatedly calling out my name, Thümmelreise (1791) 7.78.1802die exclamations without emphasis are medium-termVosszeitmessage 17.1821 (she) forgot everything, even the mouth, which she opened wide enough for joyous exclamation to close again. T. A. Hoffmann9.209 G.⟨1835⟩potz kuckuk .. is such a traditional exclamation for us humans, when we don't want to curse right thenTieck (1828) 27,155.1845and so accept (address) then, please! indulge in this letter as an exclamation of astonishment: Pückler-M.brw. 1,1,289 A. 1855⟩ he spoke it half questioningly, half as an exclamation Scheffel1,116 P.⟨1856⟩a suppressed angry exclamation Keller (1894) 4,166,1859 while we were still asking and crying out regret for the harbinger of bad luck, Raabe2,156 H.1913 an involuntary exclamation on the phone Kellermann tunnel 207.1940 the archbishop was showered with shouts and questions Berggruenhimmel 310.v1956 is that an exclamation or a question? Brechtschr. z. theater 4.44 H.2003 (the traders) praised their goods with loud ringing and the exclamation “blueberries!” anreichenbacher kal. 81.