What is the temperature required for tulsi plant

Organic Holy Basil 'Tulsi'


Holy basil tulsi (Ocimum sanctum)
Pot size 12/13 cm

In Asia, this herb is used in the kitchen like 'normal' basil.
Fresh in Far Eastern dishes, with tomatoes, herbal sauces and in salads, an indispensable taste experience. Also perfect for flavoring oil, wine and vinegar. Do not cook.

It loves warmth, just typical basil. From autumn onwards, like to put it next to a sunny window.

If possible, always harvest complete shoot tips, whereby a third of the shoot should always remain on the plant. So the plant sprouts again and again.

Fertilization: We recommend the LA'BiO outdoors and in greenhouses! Herbal & vegetable fertilizer "Outdoor & Greenhouse". Fertilization from March to September every 8 weeks 100 grams (= about 3 handfuls) per square meter or, in the case of containers, the same amount per 10 liters of soil volume.

For indoors we recommend the LA'BiO! Herbal and vegetable fertilizers "In & Outdoor".
Fertilize weekly during the main growing season. In winter, increase the intervals to two to three weeks.

If the night-time temperatures drop permanently below 10 ° C, the plant belongs in the house. If possible, place inside in a cool room (15 to 18 ° C ideal) by a bright window (if possible south-facing) and only keep it moderately moist.

Regular harvesting of the shoot tips improves branching. Since it is an annual plant, it dies at some point despite the best care.

Essential oils, linalool, estragole, camphor, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins A and C.