What are intrusive and extrusive volcanic features


Part of speech: adjective

big, comparative: big | ger, superlative: big | gest
Pronunciation / Stress:
IPA: British [ɪnˈtruːsɪv], comparative: [mɔː (ɹ) ɪnˈtruːsɪv], superlative: [məʊst ɪnˈtruːsɪv]
IPA: American [ɪnˈtruːsɪv], comparative: [mɔɹ ɪnˈtruːsɪv], [moʊɹ ɪnˈtruːsɪv], superlative: [moʊst ɪnˈtruːsɪv]
Word meaning / definition:
1) intrusive
2) intrusive
Application examples:
1) "Did it ever cross your mind that he might find all those questions you ask intrusive?“
Has it ever occurred to you that he was all of these questions you asked as intrusive could feel?
2) "Igneous rock may form with or without crystallization, either below the surface as intrusive (plutonic) rocks or on the surface as extrusive (volcanic) rocks. "
Volcanic rock can either pass beneath the surface intrusive Rock (plutonic) or on the surface as extrusive (volcanic) rock with or without crystallization.
Typical word combinations:
1) intrusivegrowth
Word formations:


Practical example sentences

Automatically selected examples in English:

The European Union wants to carry out checks at the border after Brexit "in the least intrusive way possible, "the bloc's Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has said.
RTE, October 10, 2018

The NZ Security Intelligence Service has been given a dressing down after a new report shows it had been sending "very intrusive requests "to banks for sensitive customer information.
nzherald.co.nz, December 14, 2018

UK police release 2 suspects questioned over intrusive drones at Gatwick Airport.
The Washington Times, December 23, 2018

One convert explains how it helped her I once lived a life almost ruled by anxiety, intrusive thoughts and paralyzing fear.
The Guardian, March 4, 2019

The former EastEnders actress, 26, took to Instagram to share her frustration at those who asked intrusive questions when she posted a bikini snap.
Mail Online, May 21, 2019

Meghan’s lawyers said she and Thomas Markle “had a very close father / daughter relationship throughout her childhood and remained close until he was targeted three years ago by intrusive UK tabloid media ”.
The Guardian, July 18, 2020

It's part of a larger pushback on the intrusive practice that follows you across the internet.
CNET, June 24, 2020

States can subject taxpayers who say they’ve moved away to intrusive audits that drag on and on.
Wall Street Journal, November 8, 2019

The intrusive tests decide whether a migrant is a child or an adult and there is no chance of appeal.
BBC News, January 20, 2020

Google has finally decided to clamp down on those intrusive autoplay video ads.
Wired, February 12, 2020

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Victims of stalking: ... to be categorized, at least two different, intrusive behaviors must be reported, with a continuous period of at least eight weeks ...

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