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Budget accommodation

for your kitesurfing course in Cape Town

As an alternative to our very nice apartments in the Kitekahunas Beach House, located directly on the beach in Sunset Beach, Cape Town, there is now also affordable budget accommodation during your ADVANCED KITESURFING COURSE or your KITEWISE - GUIDED & SAFE KITESURFING stay. You can expect the following:

  • Budget accommodation is usually a room with 2 or sometimes more beds. You share the space with others, usually kitesurfers, windsurfers or surfers. If you come with a boyfriend / girlfriend / husband / wife, you will probably have the room to yourself (the bedrooms are usually for 2 people, but we cannot guarantee this, depending on availability)
  • We will find the best option for you, not far from Kitekahunas Beach House in Sunset Beach, Cape Town. Most of the budget accommodations are in Sunset Beach or Table View within walking distance of the beach.
  • You need your own transport to the Kitekahunas Beach House, where both your ADVANCED KITESURFING COURSE or your KITEWISE - GUIDED & SAFE KITESURFING starts in the morning, usually around 09:30. You can either book a rental car for this or share a rental car with other course participants. Or you can take public transport, our new tramway bus. The nearest tram station is about 500m from the Kitekahunas Beach House.
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