What are some good treats for rabbits

Healthy treats for rabbits

If animal lovers want to feed their rabbits healthily, they should make sure: Fresh food to use. The treats that are common in zoo retailers, such as yoghurt drops, rings or snack sticks, are completely superfluous. Rabbit keepers should rather fruit two to three times a week to offer. Here are a few examples: grapes (without seeds), apples, pears, kiwi or strawberries (only a quarter per rabbit), blueberries, gooseberries or blackberries.

About 20 grams of dried herbs per week are great treats for rodents. Because dill, chamomile, lemon balm or peppermint leaves are much healthier than salt licks because they donate natural minerals and salts. The The staple food for rabbits is haywhich contains many minerals and vitamins. It must smell fresh and be slightly green. The high proportion of crude fiber is good for the intestines and the molars are rubbed off when chewing. Rabbit keepers can offer green fodder such as grass, dandelions, hogweed or chamomile twice a day. The rest that is no longer eaten should be removed from the enclosure. Vegetables such as fennel, cucumber, beetroot, broccoli, celery or carrots are also recommended for the funny residents of the house.

If you want to offer fresh feed, you should first try out small quantities to see whether the animal can tolerate the diet. Pet owners should be particularly careful with all types of cabbage, because some Cabbage can cause bloating! Branches of birch, alder, currant bushes or apple or cherry trees are a special treat for rodents and their incisors. Rabbit friends shouldn't offer hard bread - it only makes you fat.

By the way: If a rabbit is given a varied supply of fresh food, it does not need dry food. If rabbit owners do not want to forego the addition of dry food, they should no more than a teaspoon a day feed.

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