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Reactive 2015 - Interview with Andre Staltz

The Reactive 2015 is the first React conference in Central Europe. It will take place from November 2-4 in Bratislava, Slovakia. Over the two days, over 25 international speakers from companies such as GitHub, Facebook, Twitter and Netflix will give lectures and workshops. Here is an interview with speaker Andre Staltz, UI developer at the Finnish company Futurice:

People are often afraid of learning something new

Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

I am a UI developer at Futurice in Finland with extensive knowledge of reactive programming. In my daily work I build web apps and Android applications, in my free time I program open source libraries such as Cycle.js and work on ReactiveX.

Why did you do Cycle.js? Isn't React good enough?

I built Cycle.js because I believe there is a discrepancy between React's basic ideas (reactive rendering and UI as a pure function of status) and its possible uses (OOP, classes, imperative programming). Cycle.js is an alternative to React in the applicability and basic ideas fit together because functional and reactive programming is applied to the extreme: Everything is a function or an RxJS observable.

What do you think is currently the biggest problem in web development?

Functional programming is becoming increasingly important as a paradigm. It's the better approach: more reliable, more flexible to revise, and more precise. Nevertheless, imperative and object-oriented programming are still the standard approach. Often you are somewhere between the approaches and pick what suits you, but this mix can cause a lot of confusion if there is no consistent guiding principle. I believe that the biggest problem in web development is this inconsistency and it is important to develop a reliable guiding paradigm and to find a way to adapt and work with the DOM in the best possible way.

What are your expectations for the conference?

I want to meet a lot of interesting and brilliant people, exchange ideas and talk about the future of UI development.

Would you like to give the conference participants something else?

I want to get people to share my enthusiasm for Cycle.js. Its elegance fascinates me again and again, but many cannot see this elegance behind all the observables and the unfamiliar API. Many are afraid of learning something new and obscure. I don't see Cycle.js as opaque at all, I would love to give people the big idea behind it and why it's so simple and elegant.

Thank you for the interview.

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