What are short and long columns

Adjust the column size to display all of the content


So that each cell is wide enough to display the information it contains, so that the ### error does not appear on the sheet.


  1. Point to the dividing line to the right of the column that you want to widen.

  2. Drag the dividing line until the column is the width you want.


  • To quickly set the column width to display all of its content, double-click the column separator.

  • To have the text wrap within a cell, click the tab begin on Line break .

  • To adjust the content of a cell so that it corresponds to the current column width, proceed as follows:

    In Excel 2016 for Mac, click the tab begin on the button format. click on Format cells, and then select Adjust to cell size out.

    In Excel for Mac 2011, point to the tab begin under Alignment on new line, and then click Fit text to cell size.

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