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How To Share Kindle Ebooks In The Family

Peter Stelzel-Morawietz

You don't have to buy two Kindle ebooks at Amazon: the family library enables them to be shared.

EnlargeUnlike in the USA, German Amazon customers cannot lend purchased ebooks to friends.

Unlike in the USA, German Amazon customers can still not lend out the Kindle ebooks they have purchased - contrary to some reports to the contrary. This is also represented by official Kindle FAQs. When asked whether ebooks are exchanged between different accounts, it says: "The lending of Kindle books is not yet available for Kindle or Kindle reading apps on Amazon.de".

Families in this country can use the “family library” and link their Amazon account with that of another adult from the same household, so that Kindle ebooks and apps can be shared across Amazon devices and reading apps. Every adult can share all compatible content or only selected titles. Music, magazines and newspapers as well as games and software downloads from outside the Amazon app shop and Amazon Instant Video titles are excluded. By the way: With Amazon Underground you get free access to apps worth several thousand euros.

Kindle Ebooks - How to Set Up Family Sharing Properly

That's how it's done: First, create a virtual household that can include up to two adults with their own Amazon accounts and up to four children. To do this, log in to Amazon.de, go to "Manage digital content" and go to "My content and devices> Settings> Invite an adult". In the next step, enter the partner's Amazon account details and click on "Confirm account> Yes, we agree to the sharing and ...> Next> Finish". In the same way, create a child account via "Add a child".

With the default setting, all content for which this is possible will be shared. If you adjusted this option when setting up the family library or removed books from it at a later date, share them as well as apps, games and audiobooks as follows: Go back to "My content and devices> My content" and activate to the left of an ebook, to be shared, the box. With a click on the options menu and "Add to family library" the content of the selected person is available.

Important note: If you later disconnect the accounts, you will have to wait 180 days before you can join another household or link a new Amazon account to your family library. If you remove an adult from the Amazon household, access to the approved content and payment method in the family library is no longer possible. However, children's profiles remain in the account that is still part of the Amazon household. In addition, in this case you do not have to wait 180 days to be able to create new child profiles.

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