Why do people like cucumbers

Vegetables in the garden Growing cucumbers yourself: versatile and tasty vegetables

Water and fertilize cucumbers sufficiently

Cucumbers are heavy eaters, but have roots that are sensitive to salt. The master gardener and seed specialist Hanna Strotmeier recommends organic long-term fertilizers such as horn semolina, rock flour or ripe compost. If an organic slow release fertilizer is used, an application in spring can be sufficient. In the case of other fertilizers, the necessary amount should be calculated beforehand according to the nitrogen content they contain in order to avoid over-fertilization.

Cucumbers love it neither too dry nor too wet and they also do not tolerate cold water particularly well. The shallow roots should not be poured selectively, but flat with lukewarm water. In order for the plants to take root deeper, the first two weeks after planting should be watered more carefully. Covering the ground with straw or mulch is also beneficial for plant growth. Black, water-permeable fleece is also suitable. This not only serves as protection against evaporation, the soil below heats up, which makes the cucumber roots happy. In addition, bothersome weeds are kept in check with mulch and fleece.

Some varieties need a pruning so that they do not develop too many fruits, which would overwhelm the plant. During the harvest period - two to three months after sowing - frequent picking increases the harvest yield. This is generally less necessary for outdoor varieties than for cultivation in a greenhouse.

Lay out the cucumber patch as early as autumn. To do this, dig a shallow trench and fill it with rotted manure or compost (not too fresh), which can be mixed with chopped straw. The previously excavated earth is now shoveled over it, so that at the end a 20 to 30 centimeter high dam is created. These measures optimally prepare the soil for the needs of the cucumbers.


In general, depending on the use, a distinction is made between the following types:

  • Grape or pickled cucumbers
  • Peeled cucumbers
  • Cucumbers
  • Snake cucumbers
  • Mini cucumbers

These varieties are particularly promising outdoors: