Why am I discouraged from everything

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The interview in full:

BILD: Mr. Steinmeier, you deal with crises, war, terror on a daily basis: Do you sometimes wake up in the morning and think: No matter what I do, it is in vain, isn't it?

Frank-Walter Steinmeier: "No, if you think like that, you shouldn't become foreign minister. But sometimes it's true: after a day of new diplomatic initiatives, you go to sleep with a glimmer of hope - and on the early morning news you can hear that hope was deceiving . Like Sisyphus you have to roll the stone up the mountain again the next morning. "

BILD: In all honesty: Do you still have hope for Ukraine?

Steinmeier: "There have always been developments that have given us courage: an election, a new president, a peace plan, most recently the announcement of a ceasefire. But also setbacks: the failure of the gas negotiations, the shooting down of the military aircraft with 49 dead Nevertheless: There is no real alternative to defusing the conflict, the military one is not. That is why we need further talks and negotiations. I will not be discouraged. We will continue to work for a political solution, with all emphasis! "

BILD: Are you personally disappointed in Putin?

Steinmeier: "Disappointment is not a category of foreign policy. Nevertheless: I would have expected Russia to stick to the international rules of the game better."

Image: Meanwhile, the Middle East is sliding more and more into chaos. Can Iraq Still Be Saved?

Steinmeier: "Yes, and I'm not alone with this opinion. My conversations in Turkey and the Gulf States show me: All Iraq's neighbors are looking at it. The alternative is: a no man's land where terrorists and Islamist extremists cavort Battlefield of warriors of God and religious fanatics, a space for proxy wars of the regional powers. Nobody can want that! "

Image: In essence, today it's about a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran ...

Steinmeier: "... without some kind of understanding between Riyadh and Tehran, the conflict will hardly be resolved. Contacts between these two countries could help defuse the crisis."

BILD: What has to happen?

Steinmeier: "The decisive impetus has to come from the country itself. ISIS is only strong because it receives support from those parts of the population who feel excluded. The country urgently needs a government in which all regions are represented. This is the only way The terrorists lost their ground. "

Image: Are Obama and US foreign policy doing everything right in the region?

Steinmeier: "The diplomatic answer is: Yes ..."

BILD: and your personal one?

Steinmeier: "... The war against Iraq shifted the balance of power in the region. After the withdrawal of the US troops, a divided and unstable country remained. That was not Obama's responsibility, on the contrary, it was even personal against the intervention. But it is also true that the region is still grappling with the consequences of the Iraq war. "

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