Is there a song called Supernatural

The best music in season 1

7th place: "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult

Episode: # 1.12 The Faith Healer

The song itself leaves a lot of room for interpretation. Some say it is about lost love and suicide, others say it is a hymn for infinite love that also extends into death.

In this episode, it is played when Sam and Dean discover that a Reaper, a grim reaper, is behind the miraculous healing powers of a miracle healer named Roy. He transfers the illness of the person to be rescued to another and thus kills them. "Don't be afraid of the Grim Reaper"is heard when a woman in the forest is attacked by the Reaper, and you can see how scared she is. I wonder what better song you could have used to musically underlay a Grim Reaper at work. Kripke proves his absolute here Ingenuity and also its endless supply of songs that moved the world and still move it. The song is by no means unknown, but has been forgotten. Due to the sensational harmony of music text and plot, my seventh place.

6th place: "Hey Man, Nice Shot" by Filter

Episode: # 1.06 skin

When Shapeshifter Dean is chased by the police and he tears his skin off, the sound fits perfectly. The text, which describes the suicide of a politician in 1987, has little in common with the plot. The band says that while the song is about Budd Dwyer, who shot himself at a press conference on January 22nd, it is by no means intended to glorify the act of suicide or the suffering of the family. It's about a person standing up for what they believe in. Only by the way.

The shape shifter drives the character Dean more or less to suicide, but this interpretation of the song on the scene in which it can be heard is very daring in my opinion. So in this case I am referring more to the sound of the song. The increasing aggressiveness behind the words shows how dangerous and terrifying a shape-shifter must be. And at the same time as the initially relatively calm sequence, the images show danger and disaster. A nice contradiction and therefore my super music moment number six.

5th place: "She Brings Me Love" by Bad Company

Episode: # 1.13 Route 666

"Sometimes I get this feeling / Deep in my soul / I can't control it / Deep in my heart / It's the kind of feeling that I know we will never part / She gives me love, love / I know that is all i need"

The passage that runs in the sex scene between Dean and Cassie doesn't just fit the story she and Dean have. Rather, it also expresses what Dean wants more than anything else: a family.

He goes to Sam when John disappears instead of going to look for it alone. Dean is afraid to be alone, to lose all the people he loves and for whom he lives. It wasn't him who left Cassie and he was clearly hurt that she left him behind. Probably the greatest evidence of Dean's desire to protect his brother and father can be found in the last episode of the season: "What I'm ready to do for you and dad scares me.β€œHe kills Meg and a possessed boy without hesitation to protect his family. His greatest fear is to be alone: ​​"Sooner or later everyone will leave me"says the shape shifter, as he transforms into Dean (# 1.06 skin) and downloads his thoughts. Dean doesn't want to and can't be alone. The strong bond to his family is his strength and his weakness. That's why he answers Sam at the end of the Episode # 1.13 Route 666 doesn't answer the question of whether "something like that" isn't worth giving up hunting. He doesn't want to show his weakness, like most people do. But this only makes it even more recognizable I'm not sure if he already has an answer to the question at this point, but the hunt has made them the strong family they are, but it also prevents Dean from breaking away from the old demons and to start a life of your own.

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