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White bread blues

In the late eighties and early nineties, VICTIMS FAMILY were one of those US bands that found a second home in Europe - back when touring bands from overseas weren't part of the norm.

They came from San Francisco, their European label was a competitor from Amsterdam, and like their friends NOMEANSNO they were completely ruthless in one respect: Singer and guitarist Ralph Spight as well as bassist Larry Boothroyd didn't care about any genre boundaries.

Of course, their roots were in the punk and hardcore scenes of the Bay Area, but they had long since left them behind, but only musically and not the attitude. Funky and groovy, jazzy, but still hard-core and powerful - fiddly, feverish and vibrant, like NOMEANSNO, that was how enthusiastic VICTIMS FAMILY were in the AJZs and occupied houses of the newly reunified Germany.

After the debut "Voltage And Violets" was released on Mordam Records in 1986, it was followed by "Things I Hate To Admit" in 1988, and the third LP "White Bread Blues" from 1990 was on Mordam before the band then for which the next four albums switched to Alternative Tentacles.

"White Bread Blues" was produced by NOMEANSNOs John Wright, an absolutely logical collaboration that resulted in an extremely grippy, despite its complexity rousing album, which has now been reissued by Saint Rose Records from Santa Rosa, CA, with full equipment Text sheet and a thick booklet in which many friends and companions pay tribute to them, plus loads of photos and flyers.

In addition, the album is included as a CD to protect the vinyl. An essential work from a time when it was understood that you don't have to play metal or jazz to celebrate maximum musical complexity.

By the way, VICTIMS FAMILY have been active again for a while and were last on a European tour in spring 2010.



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