Kitties have teeth

Do cats have milk teeth that fall out?


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Do cats have milk teeth that fall out?

Humans have baby teeth. Children between the ages of six and around thirteen lose these first teeth. If they fail, teeth grow back. Does this principle also apply to cats? Do you also have milk teeth? Jessica from Mönchengladbach would like to know that.

Like many other mammals and just like humans, cats also have so-called milk teeth. In the still very small jaws of newborn mammals, there is no room for the large, permanent teeth. This is why milk teeth are created first, which are then gradually replaced by permanent teeth as the jaw size increases.

The term milk tooth or milk teeth comes from the fact that these develop at a time when the child or boy is still being suckled.

So when a kitten is born it is initially toothless. The first milk tooth appears about two weeks after the birth. In the fifth and sixth weeks all milk teeth can be seen. The teeth change at around four to six months and the first real, permanent teeth appear. The exact periods of time in cats - as in humans - can vary a little for each individual.

After another two months, the dentition is complete. The young kittens have 26 teeth. Then the roots of the milk teeth dissolve and the new teeth move up, pushing the milk tooth out. During this time, double teeth can also occur if the milk teeth do not fall out immediately. The posterior molars have no primary milk teeth.

Adult cats have 30 teeth. Cats usually teething without any problems. The gums can be a bit sensitive when changing from milk teeth to normal teeth. Then the animal will automatically eat less. The cat solves this problem on its own. So don't force it to eat - the kitten usually instinctively knows what is best for its teeth and health.

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