Are solo trips better than group vacations

Group travel for singles - 11 reasons for traveling alone

1.) Travel together

Solo travelers in particular make a conscious decision to travel in groups. Because a trip in a group offers the advantage of getting to know like-minded people. It is not uncommon for friends or family not to be able to travel at the same time. Many even find it very exciting to make new acquaintances and to experience their single trip with other people.

Couples and families also often decide to go on a group tour. For them, this means an ideal combination of vacationing with loved ones, but also occasionally exchanging ideas with other nice people independently of you.

2.) The tour operator is responsible for the organization

All-round carefree package - A group trip with a tour operator means almost no preparation stress for you. All you have to do is choose your destination and pack your bags. The tour operator will organize the flight, accommodation and hotels, all transport options, meals and the itinerary for you.

However, that does not mean that your personal wishes cannot be catered for individually. An experienced tour operator will check your needs before the trip and thus provide one homogeneous group together. When choosing a small group tour it is even possible to address the travelers even more specifically.

3.) Experienced tour guides

Group tours are led by experienced tour guides. This means that you have a contact person around the clock who is always ready to listen to you. The tour guides are mostly multilingual and can help you with the translation if you do not speak the language of your destination yourself.

The guides are often from the country you want to travel to. So you can be absolutely sure that you will get all the information, facts and background knowledge from your travel destination on your tour.

4.) You won't miss any highlights

During a group tour you will experience the travel destination from a different perspective. Discover breathtaking landscapes on a New Zealand group tour, historical temples on a guided Cambodia tour or foreign cultures on a Namibia tour. Also try culinary delights on a group tour of Vietnam.

On a round trip you will visit the most beautiful places, often also places that are not yet too well developed for tourists. Such highlights are often inaccessible to individual travelers as they find it difficult to explore the area on their own without local knowledge.